Sunday, June 28, 2009

date night & camp

friday was our anniversary, so yesterday danny and i went out to celebrate. danny's mom and dad came to our house to watch the kids (thanks guys). malcolm was really good, he didn't cry at all. we don't leave him in the care of others very often, but he is always pretty good when we do. we went to the movies and saw "away we go", and we both really liked it, except the scene with maggie gyllenhaal which was pretty hard to watch, haha. she was insane. it was a cute movie though. you should rent it.

after the movie we went out for thai food. it was sooo good. i have only had thai twice since i've lived here, the first being about a week and a half ago. danny never really wanted to eat it, so we never did. i brought some leftovers home from a ladies night out last week, and he thought it was good. he loved his dinner last night too. it was a bit pricey, but perfect for a special night out. i hope we can go there again soon.

when dan and vicky left our house, they took alanna with them. she is going to camp this week. her bus actually left early this morning, so she should be arriving at the facility in a couple of hours. this is her 3rd year going to 4H camp, and she loves it. this year they are going to a new location, so it will be a different experience for her, but i'm sure she will have a blast. it's going to be a bit strange not having her home this week. the house will be quieter than normal. i wonder if malcolm will realize that she's been gone so long? we will see her on friday afternoon.

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  1. aww, happy anniversary! I want to see away we go! Can Danny's parents come watch Demetri? .. LOL