Friday, March 27, 2009

planning & saving

for the past three years, alanna and i have made a new tradition of vacationing in california and spending a few days (or more) at disneyland. during october, the parks are decorated for the halloween season, and it is so much fun. if you have not been during their "halloween time", i suggest you go! i love all things halloween. the colors, the decorations, the costumes, and the pumpkins! and as you might already know, i love the nightmare before christmas. disneyland completely changes the haunted mansion ride between october and january, and makes it the "haunted mansion holiday" featuring all of the NBC characters. it is great!

my goal for the next six months is to save as much money as i can, to go towards our 2009 trip. danny and i have been really good about not using any credit cards this year (the only c/c purchase we've made since november was for our airline tickets to utah in april). so i am going to do my best to fund the trip this year with cash. i am selling lots of random things on ebay, old clothes, baby items, and nightmare items that i don't love. my birthday is coming right up, and i would love a donation to our disney fund in lieu of gifts (pssst mom!). i think we will be going on september 30th (alanna's 13th birthday) or october 1st, for a week. so kate and mom, start making your plans too! we want you to join us again! here are a few photos from our past four trips:

alanna and i, on our very first trip to disneyland.
april 2004.

our first october trip in 2006.

october 2007. with malcolm in my tummy.

october 2008...

...malcolm's first trip (outside of the womb)

(the 2008 collectors edition dvd of the nightmare before christmas has a bonus feature that shows just what goes on behind the scenes in making the "haunted mansion holiday". if you are a fan, it's pretty interesting and fun to watch)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

that's MY baby

after malcolm was finished with his bath, all dried off and dressed, i went into the bathroom to clean up the tub toys and towels, etc. and when i came back out to our bedroom, i found him looking at the gashlycrumb tinies! haha, he is definitely my baby!

Monday, March 23, 2009

home again, home again

our trip to salt lake city was lots of fun. we left on the 10th, and returned to nc on the 19th. it was nice to get away for a while. alanna and i had not been out to utah in over a year and a half, and malcolm had never been, so this trip was very much overdue. it was great to see our family, some old friends, and the city (it has changed a lot! r.i.p. sugarhouse). malcolm met his aunt natalie and his unlce brad. we met a few new friends too (lake and lola. cash. and django), and two new soon-to-be family members (hugo and emo). we did miss danny a lot, and wished he were with us.

we ate some good food, and finally got to go to the vertical diner. yum! the weather was perfect! but i was hoping for some snow... which i hear came a few days after we left. darn. i wish we could have stayed a bit longer, i missed seeing a few people, and places. but we will be back out on april 2nd for four days for my sister natalies wedding. i'm excited to go back... but not so much about the airplane trips. trying to keep a one year old entertained, on your lap, for 4 hours straight, is challenging. at least i will have danny there to help me the next time. here are some photos of our adventures:

of course we went to ikea

malcolm meeting his uncle brad

enjoying the sunshine in the grandparents backyard

the last little bit of snow left in the yard

malcolm loved peeking through the openings in between the stairs!

taking a nap on grandma's lap

at the "toadally frogs" exhibit in the utah museum of natural history

i guess malcolm wanted to get in the witches brew?

checking out the sea monkeys

watching alanna's puppet show

alanna, natalie, hugo, malcolm and rocket

malcolm and his grandma hart

malcolm and cash

big house, little guy

caught playing in the shredded paper

he mastered those stairs!

alanna cruising around grandpa's junk yard

playing at liberty park

malcolm and django

natalie and alanna

me and malcolm

malcolm at the coffee shop

not happy to be at the airport

i definitely missed my husband a lot, and being in my own home. but the thing i missed the most, just may have been... my dyson! i love that thing! ha ha.

my moms kirby just didn't cut it. sorry mom.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

he can fly!

apparently with the help of dad, malcolm can touch the sky! the weather was beautiful this weekend, it reached 83 degrees out, so we spent some time in the back yard. danny loves to throw him in the air. it makes me cringe, every single time. haha.

the kids and i will be flying out to salt lake city on tuesday morning. we are very excited to see my family and to be back home for a bit. it's been a year & a half since we've been out, so this will be malcolms first utah visit. it will be nice to spend time with my folks and to eat some good food. yay!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

behind the mirror

some of the littlest things are so new and interesting to malcolm. like the cabinet behind the bathroom mirror. he loves to look at himself in the mirror, but when we open it up, it's like he has just discovered a whole new world in there.

this week he is:

  • starting to cut his first top tooth (finally). he only has two little ones on the bottom.

  • pointing at everything. if i say "where is mama cat?", he will point at her.

  • clapping his hands. he also understands when i say "clap your hands", and he will clap for me.

  • walking really good, but he will not let go of my finger. he's not quite ready to do it unassisted.

  • dancing to any song he hears. including the theme song to the sopranos and the ellen show. ha.

  • making the kiss noise with his lips. i love it.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

to the lake

today we went for a walk at lake johnson. alanna took her roller blades, and danny pushed malcolm in his little buggy. it was nice. the weather is still a bit chilly here, but it was good to be outside in the cool air. after we had finished our stroll, we fed the ducks and geese.

that bread was supposed to be for the ducks, but malcolm decided to eat it instead!