Tuesday, June 30, 2009

summer fun

here is alanna getting on the bus to camp. i'm sure she is having a blast. the weather has been good since she left. it's hot (in the 90's), but the humidity has dropped a lot since last week. perfect for a week spent mainly outdoors.

sunday afternoon, malcolm and i went to a party at my friend lana's house. her little daughter addison turned one, so we went to her birthday party. they had a slip n' slide set up in the back yard. malcolm had fun splashing around in the water. he loves being outside.

malcolm playing with some big kids

getting wet with lana's son damien

he was getting squirted in the face with water from the slide, it was pretty funny

hot, wet, and covered in grass

eating animal crackers on the stairs while lana and addison opened gifts

i didn't get any photos of addy at the party, so i stole this one off of lana's facebook page. she is so cute! oh, and look, there's my foot on the right, haha


  1. so cute! and I love slip 'n slides! Awesome :)

  2. next year i am going to buy a huge tarp and just run two hoses over to it so the kids can just run and slide all over it! so get malcolm prepared!!!