Tuesday, November 15, 2011

october leftovers

colder weather + a local coffee shop that makes a vegan pumpkin spice latte + no kids = wonderful date with my husband!

trips to the park up the street

a much needed haircut

this is the face i got when i asked him to smile for a picture :)

cute new hair

malcolm on a turtle at durham central park

and on a cardinal, our state bird

mama cat, sun bathing

the durham skyline from the parking garage on our way to see willie nelson at the dpac!

a sea of old white people, haha. the show was amazing! it was by far the best performance i have seen to date, and i am so happy that danny went with me. he even smiled at a funny line in one of willie's songs. it was a good time. 

along the highway on the way home, we had a perfect view of the fireworks from the state fair. what a nice way to end a fun night.

the tree in our front yard has been dropping its walnuts for weeks now. this was the start of the clean up. we must have picked up hundreds of those damn nuts, haha.

cute halloween cupcake from whole foods

SILK NOG!! one of my favorite things about this time of the year! i had heard it was in stores and finally found some at walmart of all places (especially since we very rarely ever go there), so i bought all of them :)

i never got around to decorating for halloween. i kind of lost interest as soon as i pulled the bins down from the attic. but since our house has a halloween theme to it all year long, i guess it didn't matter. this is as festive as we got this october. i think once we eventually move again (hopefully into a house of our own), i will be more excited to decorate. this house has no covered porch, and little shelf space, so there isn't really anywhere to place decorations.

these three little figurines are the newest addition to my nightmare collection. i ordered them from the disney store and i love them so much!

and last but not least, my mother sent us another awesome halloween care package chuck full of all kinds of cute festive decor, baking supplies, candy, and toys etc. we always get so excited when she sends us stuff. the kids love to open the box and see what's inside. she is always so thoughtful, and despite how sick she has been the past few months, she took the time to make these decorative blocks for me! thanks again mom, i love them.

Monday, November 14, 2011

hill ridge farms 2011

the sunday before halloween we took our now annual trip to hill ridge farms. posts about our last two visits are here and here. it's always a lot of fun at the farm, but this year wasn't nearly as good as the last two. we had been planning to visit all month, but since we were so busy every weekend in october, we almost missed going. this trip was spur of the moment, on a sunday afternoon (when we should have been grocery shopping), the day before halloween, so there were a lot more people there than in the past. plus they were playing awful country/top 40 music on loud speakers, which was totally irritating. the combination of it all made for a cranky kind of day for a certain few of us. but malcolm had a blast, and alanna still enjoyed parts of it. next year though, i think she will be too old and won't want to go anymore :(

i'm sorry if these feel like the same photos year after year. i like to compare how much the kids have grown. new this season was this giant bounce pillow. it cost extra, and at first malcolm did not like it. i think there were too many kids on it and he was scared.

we headed to the fort

then the boys did some jumps off of a pile of hay bales.

the hay bounce

our favorite, the corn playhouse! since there were so many people at the farm, they were timing how long the kids could stay in and play. it was like five minutes at a time. malcolm was bummed when we had to get out.

then we headed up to the giant slide. this was the view of the little train from the slide line.

some funny farm decor :)

the fattest little goats ever. too much corn!!

back into the corn :)

malcolm is a maniac!

he was loving it in there!

alanna, not so much. ha!

once more on the bounce pillow. this time they both had a lot of fun. they jumped and jumped!

then it was time for us to take a hayride out to the pumpkin field to pick our pumpkins.

on the hayride back we spotted jack skellington!

so of course we had to pose with him for a photo. too bad the sun was blinding all of us.

goodbye hill ridge farms, hope to see you next year!