Wednesday, June 24, 2009

malcolm likes...

...beets! since it's summer, we've been frequenting the local farmers market for locally grown, in-season produce. this week we got: cantaloupe, blueberries, peaches, new potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn, and beets. i made the beets and beet greens last night for dinner, and malcolm loved them! that's my boy, haha. alanna and i love them too. danny... not so much.

...naps with mommy! malcolm gave his daddy this awesome wolverine blankie for fathers day. it's for them to take naps under, but i actually got to break it in with him because danny had to go back to the shop. he snapped this photo of us before he left.

...sleeping in his crib! finally! he is sleeping sooo much better these days. this past month, he has been in bed every night before 1 am, which is drastically earlier than he had been going to bed before. actually the past two weeks, he's been in bed before midnight, usually 11-11:30 pm, and last night he was asleep by 10:45! plus he stays in bed for a full 10-11 hours. so awesome. i am really thankful that his sleep schedule has improved so much. we are almost to my goal of a 9 pm bedtime. this "crying it out" thing couldn't have worked out any better, and i am so glad that we did it... and that we all survived, haha. thank you chanelle, for giving it to me straight. i'd heard it many times before, but your comment really made me realize that i needed to try it again. i love this lil' sleeping baby!


  1. oh you watch out for the red poos now....they are intense....

  2. I love beets!! You are so lucky Malcolm sleeps all night in his crib. Elijah still won't and now I;m too tired to fight him.

  3. Can you tell me how you make beets? I have never even tried... ((blushing))... I am embarrassed to admit that.

  4. oh katie, i'm sorry, that sucks. it took me 16 months of fighting with malcolm at bedtime, to finally get him in his crib. does elijah sleep with you guys? that was the hardest part... getting him to sleep alone.

    yes jeanie, i actually had to call my mom and ask her how she always made them, haha. i cut the stems and leaves off about an inch above the beet. then i washed the beets and greens very thoroughly. i boiled the beets (with the skins on) until they were soft enough to stick a fork in (but not too soft, you want them to still be a bit firm). while they cooled down, i steamed the greens. you need to peel the beets before you eat them, so i peeled them right before the greens were nice and done. then we just put earth balance and salt on them! yum! they are nice and sweet and delicous! and the dark leafy greens are so good for you!

  5. Awww, thanks for mentioning me, Lauren! I had the same trouble (but not for as long as you) so I know the feeling all too well. Good job on sticking it out, I know its hard at first!