Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 2011



we live in raleigh which is about 2.5 hours from the coast, so we are fine. but oh boy, north carolina sure is getting hit hard by this hurricane right now. scary, and sad. i sure am glad that we don't live near the beach right now. and i sure am worried about all my friends that live in new york city. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ribbon cutting

this past thursday was the official ribbon cutting ceremony for alanna's new school. we got a little dressed up, sat under a canopy in the heat, listened to a few guest speakers including lt. governor walter dalton, and then got to take a tour of the newly renovated building. malcolm sat quietly for most of it, and liked the guns the best (that the rotc were holding).

i didn't take any photos of the inside of the building because we were following a tour guide (one of alanna's classmates) and it was very crowded. plus i didn't want to embarrass alanna any more than we probably already had -just by showing up. i'm sure she wasn't thrilled that we were there, and she about died when i made her take this next photo. she is definitely at the age where she could care less if we attend school events or not. oh boy, teenagers.  

the building that is housing her school this year was formerly used as a nc state tv station years ago, so it still has this huge tower attached. the school was very nice inside. next year they will be moved to a new facility. 

the cut ribbon :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

some august adventures

i must admit, the first half of this summer was kind of a bummer. i strongly dislike the heat and humid weather in nc, and the high temps we've had this year have made it very hard to enjoy these long hot days. alanna had june and july off of school, and we didn't do much of anything. danny has been very busy at the shop, and with my opposite work schedule (oh, the joys of working retail -always working weekends), we never made it to the beach. or anywhere else. 

alanna has been back in school for two weeks now, and so far, august has been pretty great! some days have still been very warm, but not every single day, and i can already feel a change in the air. the sun is starting to sit a little lower in the sky, and the evenings are pretty wonderful outside. i love that soon it will be autumn, my most favorite season of all. here are some photos of what we've been up to around our area this month.

we took a little trip to chapel hill. we love it there (obviously!)

malcolm was annoyed that i was taking photos

then he asked me to take a picture of his butt

which he thought was hilarious! oh, this boy of mine :)

grandma "bicky" renewed our membership at marbles! one more year, one more year, one more super duper year! (<-spongebob reference) thanks vicky!

he found some play eggs in the kitchen area, and immediately grabbed them up and ran them over to the mama chicken in her barn stall. what an amazing little vegan he is. always thinking of the animals! i never told him to do this, he did it on his own, naturally. made me very proud.

we went back to laurel hills park with danny so that he could see the wooden playground. then we all went for a walk though the woods. i love living where it is so green all the time. it's pretty great to be surrounded by trees, everywhere we go.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

on the news

this news clip aired a couple days ago on our local news. this is alanna's new early college high school at nc state. you can spot her in the back of the classroom, wearing a blue and white striped top. she was totally embarrassed to be included in the video footage, but i think it's pretty cool that she was. alanna is so very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful opportunity. i'm grateful that the internet makes it possible for us to share bits of her experience with friends and family. 

and on sunday my work hosted a special event to help support animal rights advocates in north carolina. you can watch the news clips about it here and here. it was a very busy day at the store, and it was really great to spend the day with so many awesome and deserving dogs. lots of great photos from the day here. i love my job.

Monday, August 8, 2011

alanna's first

today was alanna's very first day of high school! plus her first day on nc state university campus. it's a little hard for me to believe. i often feel like i just graduated myself. i remember high school vividly -well, at least the two years i spent at young parent east, my baby mama school. my sophomore year was sort of a blur. 

so here is a little message to all my friends out there with wee ones: i know you hear this all the time and that you are probably already realizing it daily, but wow, does time fly! i feel like life is moving so quickly, especially now that i also have a toddler. weeks zoom by, sometimes even months, and i look back at old photos and wonder where all that time went! today has really made me think about how i should slow down, and really appreciate my time with malcolm... because any day now he will be starting high school too! haha :)

this song seemed fitting for this post too. makes me cry, every. single. time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

the bee's knees

this beautiful necklace was a gift from my sweet husband for our anniversary (in june), and i absolutely love it! 

danny is very thoughtful when it comes to picking out anniversary gifts for me. and although this wasn't the actual necklace he gave me (he had narrowed it down to two choices, but picked the wrong one), i was able to make an exchange and get the one that i'd fallen in love with. 

our very talented friend (and danny's only employee)
garrett just so happens to have an equally talented girlfriend, megan, who made this piece by hand. her work is so detailed and unique, be sure to click on both of their links to check out what they do best. 

megan had a booth at artsplosure and this pendant totally caught my eye. danny remembered that i had liked her jewelry, and i'm really glad that he did. i love anything with a bee, a beehive, or a honeycomb pattern, because they remind me of home. utah is the beehive state. i love bees because they pollinate flowers and make it possible for plants to grow (hooray for fresh veggies!) and i love that "the american honey bee is usually a very gentle creature. however she will defend her home against all threats." kinda like me.

thanks again husbandito, i love you.

(yikes, not the best photo of me)

oh yeah, and see the bees on my tank top too?! back in april we went to urban outfitters and danny bought it for me as part of my birthday present. he actually picked it out himself. so cute.  

p.s. please pay no attention to how terribly faded the tattoo on my chest is. i am in need of some serious touch-up. it is thirteen years old after all, so let's just consider it vintage, ok?! :) 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

my little monster lover

i had to bribe malcolm to get this song on video, and this was the best out of four takes. maybe we will try again for a better one on another day. he has loved frankenstein and this song since before he could walk (i took the video below when he was around 13 months old), thanks in part to that awesomely loud singing doll - thanks jayme! i found him a copy of this on vhs at the kids exchange for a dollar, and he loves it too. he has watched it at least ten times now, which has helped him to learn the words really well. holy crap, i love this little guy so much.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

july leftovers

my very first batch ever of vegan lemon squares. they were wonderful!

look closely... do you see the two wild bunnies hiding under there? the only thing better is baby wild bunnies! eeep! but they are fast, so no photos yet.

alanna and mama cat watching a scary movie together.

malcolm put himself in there, and he was laughing. silly boy.

i've had these on my wish list for a couple years now, so when i saw them marked down with those little orange clearance stickers, i was so excited! sad to see them no longer available in stores, but glad to give them a good home. (danny also surprised me with the classic record player too!) hooray for target clearance!

making cookies (thanks for smiling lil' buddy)

i passed this gem up at the kids exchange. which is crazy, since it was only $3.00! it was so cute, but ridiculously tacky, and i figured danny wouldn't appreciate me trying to incorporate it into our decor, haha.

late night crash & burn.

playdate at marbles with addison. they loved the water tables.

addy was soaked!

so, so sad about this :(

monkey joes!

his smirk was because he had just stolen that dinosaur from that annoying little girl ;)

the rain brought us a little relief from the heat.


mama cat.

and malcolm took these the other day during lunch at chipotle. he loves to use my camera.

funny lil' dude.