Monday, December 28, 2009

photo overload: christmas eve & day 2009

we had a very nice christmas. it was rainy and cold, not white like i would have loved, but since it very rarely snows in raleigh, i will have to settle for a little rain. i took tons of photos, so i apologize for how long this post is. and i meant to post this sooner, but going through all these photos took me a while. plus i have two sick boys at home, and i've been frantically trying to clean up and reorganize the house (too many toys!! aaah!) i have already taken down our christmas decorations too, haha. the holidays are a time that you should share with your family and those you love, and since my family is on the other side of the country, i have to share it with them through pictures. i really missed them a lot this year. maybe next year we will celebrate it at home?

on christmas eve, the kids and i ran some errands, and braved the mall for one last christmas gift. then we met up with danny at home, and we all went down for a walk along the greenway. it was really cold out, much colder than we thought it was before we left. so we all kind of froze out there feeding the geese.

at about 9 pm, we realized that malcolm had a fever, so he went to bed a little late. after alanna and malcolm were snug in their beds, santa came! i'm glad i had already wrapped all of their gifts earlier in the week, or i would have been up late.

malcolm woke up at 5 am with a fever after his medicine wore off, and he needed more. since we were up so late, and then so early, we all slept until about 10 am. when alanna took malcolm downstairs to see the tree and presents, he went "woooah", haha! it was so cute. he loved opening the gifts and seeing all the fun new stuff.

my mom and dad sent the kids lots of great gifts, including a very generous gift card for alanna (thanks so much guys!) they got malcolm these shoes called polliwalks, which i had never seen before. they are fireflies, and their tails light up... how totally cute! we love them!

my mom sent me a book about the making of "the nightmare before christmas". she bought it while we were at disneyland, but saved it for me until now. sneaky, sneaky mom! malcolm loved looking at it with me.

and more toys and gifts...

my friend kelly green sent us a box jam-packed with delicious vegan treats! here is alanna enjoying a choco-dillo. thanks again kelly!

look at all that stuff, malcolm made out like a bandit!

lucky also got two gifts. he loves tearing open wrapping paper.

at about 2 pm, we headed out to dannys mom and dads house. vicky made another delicious meal, we ate good food, the kids opened lots more presents, and we had a nice time just hanging out with family.

my cute husband at age 8!

dessert! yum!

danny and gracie

compton and gracie

this is the only photo we got of the four of us together

the kids got tons of great gifts from dan and vicky, and catherine and billy (thanks guys!) alanna was so excited to get a digital camera, among many other fun things

when we got home, we set up the little adventure tent that my mom and dad sent malcolm, and it was a hit! everyone loved playing in it, including mama cat, haha!

i will do another post soon with a few photos of the gifts me and danny exchanged :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

happy birthday... jesus natalie!!

on this day in 1974, my sister natalie made her way into this world. i can only imagine what a wonderful christmas gift it must have been for my parents, to receive the phone call letting them know that she had been born!

our friend justin photo shopped this bellini painting and added natalies face a few years back. it still cracks me up every year! oh, and nevermind the lil' weenie, haha

here she is at age six, at christmas time (see the tree)

and this is natalie and i in 2004. i love this photo of the two of us (i wish our scanner was better, and didn't make it look so grainy. the real photo is so much better)

happy birthday natalie! we love and miss you!