Friday, May 25, 2012


i would like to apologize for my lack of blog posts as of late. i have exceeded my allowed amount of free photos here on blogger, and i will have to pay to add more storage space before i can upload any more images. we have a trip planned home in early june, so i am pinching pennies right now and trying to save any extra money that i have for that. sadly, my poor neglected blog will have to wait. i hope you will stick around, i promise to be posting again soon. thanks for reading.

Friday, May 11, 2012

dc via instagram

we spent the last weekend of april exploring our nation's capital, and it was so much fun. i had requested three days off of work with the intention of taking a ladies weekend trip with two friends before one of them has a new baby. but when those plans fell through, danny thought it would be fun to take a little family trip instead. we had been talking about visiting washington, dc again, so the timing was perfect for a little last minute getaway. the last time we were in dc was in 2005 when alanna was just eight years old, and long before malcolm was around, so most of it seemed new to us.

here are the photos danny took with his phone and the instagram app. i will try to get my photos uploaded soon as well. 

sleepy boy on the drive up

malcolm loved this gas station pirate :)

getting ready to board the metro

at the smithsonian air & space museum

three+ hours in that huge museum tuckered malcolm right out

in the natural history museum

on our way back to the motel

we stayed in arlington, VA, which was just down the street from the iwo jima memorial. this monument is giant! way bigger than i had ever pictured it.

we hit the national mall for a few hours before grabbing food, hitting a few record stores, and then heading home.

and of course, no trip to dc would be complete without visiting the exorcist staircase. we stopped by before leaving town.

it was a great trip indeed :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

here we grow again!

vicky came over on saturday with a flat full of plants, and helped us get our garden in the ground! we have had much success with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers, but not so much with zucchini and squash. we will try again and hopefully they are fruitful this season. vicky also brought us a mixed pepper plant and some gladiator tomatoes! yum!

vicky even got us a cantaloupe plant! we planted it out by the butterfly bush, so here's hoping the wild bunnies leave it alone :) 

thanks again vicky!

Friday, May 4, 2012

april leftovers

last month sure was a good one. life is pretty great lately, and i am very grateful for that. here are a few photos of what we've been up to around here.

trips to the park

easter at vicky & pop's house

malcolm looking for hidden eggs out back 

lucky and mama cat snuggling on the couch! this was the first time i had ever seen lucky lay on her like that. i couldn't believe that she let him stay there! it was super cute.

this is what happens when you don't trim your parsley plant all winter long ;)

malcolm has mastered the fireman's pole at the playground

we went strawberry picking with vicky! the weather was lovely, the berries were ripe and delicious. and malcolm really enjoyed taste-testing them :) 
thanks again vicky!

and one last pic of malcolm with jack. he really enjoys (carefully) looking in my nightmare cabinet.