Sunday, June 21, 2009

my husband

danny is an amazing dad. i am really lucky to have found him. he has always accepted alanna as his own, and he treats her like she is his daughter (not step-daughter). sometimes i think she was really meant to be his, because they are so much alike, and they have always gotten along so well. she missed out on having a "dad" for the first 8 years of her life, but danny has more than made up for that over these past 4 years.

he is so great with malcolm too. he loves to play with him, and spend time with him. i always wanted a second child after i had alanna. it took a while, but i couldn't have found a better person to have such a great family with. he works really hard for us, and we really appreciate it. i am very grateful for the opportunity he has given me, to be able to stay at home with malcolm. i love him to pieces. we all do. happy fathers day husbandito!

first photo of danny with malcolm, february 2008

first photo of alanna and danny together, february 2005

i also want to wish danny's dad a happy fathers day too! dan is an awesome guy. i'm sure that danny wasn't the easiest child, but he survived, and he raised a great son. let's hope that malcolm doesn't do all the crazy stuff that danny did, haha.

grandpa dan and malcolm, february 2008

malcolm, dan, and alanna, july 2008


  1. This is awesome! Danny is a really great guy, you guys are amazing!