Tuesday, July 27, 2010

life's tough...

this is what it's like living with a thirteen year old sister. haha!

(this last photo i found on our computer in alanna's album. she took it in may, on our way home from ikea)

Monday, July 26, 2010

what a week

this week has been crazy. monday started out with a trip to the fairgrounds to pick up our unsold items from the kids exchange. we had loaded danny's van full, like every single inch of space, with stuff to sell (close to 200 items) and we only brought home a small box of a few toys and some clothes. that means we sold tons of stuff! how exciting to not have to bring it back into our house. and hooray for the check we will receive soon :)

on monday night alanna had two friends from school over to spend the night. ugh. 15 hours of shrieking teenage girls was enough to make me tear my hair out. but i survived. they talked non-stop the entire time, didn't go to sleep until after 3 am, and then were awake at 8:30 am talking non-stop again. it was insane, haha! mom, is that what my sleepovers were like when i was 13?! malcolm loved having them here, he just sat quietly and watched them talk. he called them "nanni's girlfriends".

danny drew this on the calendar, haha

i already posted about our trip to marbles on wednesday. on thursday i was heading down a pretty busy road toward our house, and my breaks went out. not completely out, but enough to scare me, so i pulled over at a gas station and danny came and got us. my father-in-law went and got my car, and took it out to their house to do some repair work. once again, dan seriously saved the day! i am very grateful that we have him, and that he is so very helpful and kind. it seems like we have never ending car problems, and we are lucky that he is able to help us with them (or we would be in a lot of trouble). he will be so happy when someday we can afford new cars, haha.

on saturday we headed out to their house so that danny could help with the repairs. alanna and i watched episode after episode of cake boss. we were like satellite tv zombies. the guys worked on the car. vicky and the kids and i hung out. we had pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert. thanks again dan and vicky.

malcolm took a little dip in the pool

dan took the kids for a spin on his bike

loungin' on the patio

a failed attempt at a family photo :)

malcolm was looking for a snake up there in the bush

on sunday we went out to water our little garden, and we found three horn worms eating our tomato plants. nasty lil' critters. so we moved them to the far end of the yard (since we don't kill bugs), and here's hoping they don't come back. yuck. one of them was huge. ewww.

in the afternoon we headed downtown to meet our friends tommy, alicia, and luc at marbles, and i spotted this license plate on the van in front of me. pretty cool. it made me smile.

danny has never been to marbles with us before, so this was his first trip. you can't tell from these photos, but it was really busy, i guess because it was the weekend.

the boys had tons of fun playing. we were all having a nice time hanging out, and we took a break to have a snack and a soda. malcolm wanted to go back to the pirate ship, so alicia and luc came with us. he headed toward a little underwater room, and by the time i went in after him, he was gone. in a split second, i had lost track of him... i lost malcolm at the kids museum. it was awful. alicia and i were looking all over for him, and he was nowhere to be found. so i called danny to have him come help us look. i started to panic. we searched all over for about 5 minutes, while alicia went and told security that he was missing, and they radioed to all of the marbles staff. an employee found him upstairs in another play area. in the short time that we had first started looking for him, he had managed to walk, all by himself, up a giant staircase to the second floor.

i have no idea how this happened, but it was so scary, and i was so relieved when tommy brought him down the stairs to me. the look on his face was priceless, he knew he was in big trouble. we thanked the security guy for helping us locate him, and then explained to malcolm how important it is that he stay with me at all times, and not run off alone. and then we went home. lets hope he learned his lesson. he is so young, so i'm not totally sure if he knew what he had done was wrong. but wow, i will be sure to keep my eye on him every second when we go back again.

all that excitement wore us both out, so malcolm and i took a nap. danny took alanna to the used book store, and then they brought zpizza back to the house. we had a full stamp card, so dinner was on them. nothing better than a free meal! then we went and did our weekly grocery shopping.

danny was smitten by this little guy, so we had to bring him home. he is on a can of chocolate milk mixers (kroger brand nesquick). pretty dang cute.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

my sweet husband

last month when we first started moving into this new house, danny ordered me a gift online. it came today, and i absolutely love it! he likes to check out omgposters.com, and he saw a post about these limited edition prints by kurt halsey available from rotofugi in chicago. since i am a huge fan of kurt's artwork, danny pre-ordered one for me, just because he loves me. how sweet is that?! thank you husbandito.

(i left it in the plastic sleeve, so it won't get damaged before i can get a frame)

it is embossed

and hand signed and numbered! 19/150, so awesome!

now i just have to find the perfect place to hang it :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a year of marbles

thanks to a very generous gift from grandma vicky, we are now members of our local children's museum. yesterday we went and got our marbles membership, so we will now be able to play there anytime for the next year. i'm pretty excited. it's been really hot out, and malcolm gets a bit stir-crazy being in the house all the time, so it'll be nice to have a fun indoor air-conditioned place for him to play and learn.

alanna says she is too old for most of it, but she didn't mind going with us. she starts school again in a little over a month, so malcolm and i will have fun playing while she is in class. plus it is right downtown, only about 5 minutes from our house, and about 3 minutes from her school. how totally convenient. thanks again vicky (for this, and for alanna's camp fees too!)

pretty awesome being an official member, haha :)

he passed out in the car when we left... he didn't even finish his lollipop!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

beach trip

yesterday we took a day trip to the beach. this was the first one this year, and our fifth trip since we've lived in nc. the last time we went malcolm was only a year and half, so he has grown a lot since then. you can compare his size with this post from 2009.

he is usually really good in the car, but yesterday he cried and complained almost the entire time. so it was a really long 2.5 hour drive to the beach. ugh. he napped for about 15 minutes, and he looks so sweet here... but don't let it fool you, he was a beast.

the temperature out was good, but a storm was heading for the coast, so it was super windy. the water felt great, and it was nice to cool off in it, but as soon as we would get out of the ocean, the wind would cover us in a layer of sand. at times the gusts were so strong that it felt like we were being sandblasted. it was pretty awful. despite the terrible wind, we had a good time. and we weren't the only crazy ones out swimming in the wind, there were so many people further down the beach.

we packed a cooler with lunch, but the wind made our sandwiches crunchy, so it was hard to enjoy any of it. danny was snacking on some chips, and made the mistake of throwing one up to a seagull. within seconds there were about 20 of them flying over his head and trying to dive bomb him for more. he threw the bag of chips in the air and ran away. it was hilarious. malcolm and i watched the whole thing from afar, and it was kind of like watching the birds, haha. i didn't have my camera with me, but the image in my head still makes me laugh. here are a few that hung out waiting to see if we would share some chips with them.

we also saw a crab on the shore. it was washing up with each tide, and then it would run sideways back towards the water. it was seriously so fun to watch. every time the water would hit him, he would get knocked over, and then he would stand back up and his little black eyes would pop up on top of his head! it was awesome. we all laughed and screamed at him, over and over and over. it was the highlight of my day, well that and danny getting chased by the birds :)

malcolm was laughing at the gulls

he liked playing in the sand and exploring in the grass, more than swimming in the water. i think the waves and water in his face scared him. he must have got that from me ;)

i love the trees that grow near the beach

we only stayed about 3 hours, because the wind was so annoying. and we had all soaked in a lot of sun, which we are now paying for today. all of us (except malcolm) are sunburned. danny got it the worst. he looks like a lobster. i did a really good job of keeping malcolm covered in sunblock, but i forgot to reapply it to myself. the wind made our spray sunscreen really hard to use, and rubbing in sunblock on top of a layer of sand (which we were covered in constantly) was hard to do. ugh. sunburn is the worst.

we have also agreed that the next time we make another trip, we will stay in a hotel on the beach, instead of driving back to raleigh right after we are all waterlogged and exhausted. it was fun to see and play in the ocean, but next time i hope the weather is better and that we plan out our trip a little better.