Sunday, June 14, 2009


this weekend started off pretty rough (to say the least). friday was a really bad day. but saturday and sunday turned out to be pretty okay, thank goodness. saturday we didn't do much, just went to chipotle and trader joe's. but today we went to duke gardens. we stopped at target on the way and got a big ball, and some bubbles. malcolm has never had bubbles before. i think he liked them? he always loves playing with the ball display when we are in a store, but since we were outside, and there were so many sticks, leaves, and rocks to play with instead, he wasn't very interested in the stuff we brought along. pretty funny.

i took some photos, and then my camera took a spill... and died (big bouncy balls and cameras don't mix). bummer. i've only had this camera for a year and a half. it was a christmas gift from danny. last year when we went to disneyland, i dropped it while it was on, onto the concrete. dumb, i know. ever since then, the lens has been messed up, and will not close properly. i guess the fall today sealed the deal. r.i.p. my little elph. you were a good pocket sized camera. i will have to go back to using my older, larger, heavier, powershot now. hmmm. anyway, here are some photos:

after we left duke, we stopped at whole foods for cookies and sorbet. yum! danny made delicious "chikin" enchiladas for dinner. the kids and i went for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. i started getting malcolm ready for bed at 10, put him in his crib at 11, and he was sound asleep by 11:10! yesss! this is the earliest i have had him in bed asleep... ever! (he is sleeping sooo much better these days, and i am loving it!) i took a soothing bubble bath (kelly, i used the lavender bath foam you sent me after malcolm was born. thanks so much!) so yeah, today was a pretty good day.


  1. Glad to hear you're having better days.<3

  2. Your family is absolutely adorable!

  3. Awww sounds awesome, all kids loooove bubbles, heck i still do! Love reading your make me smile...