Friday, June 26, 2009

4 years ago today

on june 26th, 2005 danny and i were married. can you believe we've made it this long?! haha, just kidding. it was love at first sight, for sure. i knew from day one, that he was the guy i would marry. happy anniversary husbandito. i love you. xoxo.

our announcement

husband and wife

our elvis! he was so fat, it was totally awesome.

funniest wedding ceremony ever

our rings

our chapel in vegas

officially a family

with lana and nathan

look how little alanna was!

three generations of hart ladies

my folks and alanna strolling along the strip

i can't believe how much alanna has grown in the past four years.

new york, new york casino, where danny and i stayed

and of course, every trip to las vegas has to include a stop at ronalds donuts (vegan)!


  1. Yay for you guys! Congrats!!!<3

  2. i totally remember helping lana pick out that outfit for your wedding!! it sounded like a fun time. vegas weddings are totally my kinda wedding.

    alanna was such a little one too...crazy what time does to kids. imagine her four years from now! oh scary days ahead ;)

  3. guys are awesome! I love looking at pictures of your cute little family. And, you also always inspire me to be more of an organized and crafty lady. Love you guys! Happy Anniversary! <3

  4. congratulations! I love your gift to Danny and super cute you met on myspace.

  5. I remember going to lunch with you and Alanna and various other people a loooong time ago when she was maybe 5 or 6? Crazy. Shes aaall grown up now! Congrats on the anniversary. Its a fun time to reflect!

  6. Aaaw! You guys are so awesome!!! Congrats! <3

  7. thanks ladies! a vegas wedding is definitely the way to go, haha! it was pretty awesome. alanna is almost as tall as me now, i can't believe how fast she has grown in just 4 years. i hope she is a good teenager.
    haley, i am going to try and be more crafty this year. i really enjoy doing it.
    i think danny thinks it's cheesy that we met online, and he doesn't share that info very often, haha. but i think it's funny, and it had to do with my gift, so i had to share it. <3

  8. man, elvis marrying you is flippin rad

    heres to many more happy years