Thursday, February 26, 2009

the beginning

so, i meant to start this blog when malcolm turned one, but before i knew it, this last month had just flown by. better late than never. with all of my family, and so many of my friends living so far away, i thought this would be a great way to share little moments of our lives with you all. i will update it often with photos, videos, and stories about how we've spent our days.

malcolm will be 13 months old this weekend. he is growing and learning so much everyday, it is just amazing to watch him take it all in and try new things. i feel very lucky to have the opportunity to spend all of my time with him (even on the days when i need a break).

the weather out here in north carolina has been very up and down this winter, and this past week was pretty cold. but today it was 66 degrees outside, so we went out for a ride on his buggy. malcolm received the buggy as a birthday gift, and he absolutely LOVES it! the wheels are loud, and it makes all the dogs in our neighborhood bark (there are a lot of them), which is pretty funny. he loves to be outside.