Monday, August 30, 2010

weekend pancakes

danny is so sweet. on sunday for breakfast, he surprised each of us with a special pancake. he always makes the best pancakes (thanks to mcdonalds, haha! he mastered his art there, years ago before he was vegan) and we usually scarf them right up, but we were kind of sad to eat these ones. well, at least i was. the kids, maybe not so much.

mickey mouse for malcolm

the very hungry caterpillar for me!

mama cat for alanna

and he didn't want lucky dog to feel left out, so he made one of him as well.
alanna ate it too :)

pretty stinkin' cute. what a nice husband & dad.

we had a rather uneventful weekend, and i really didn't take any photos. on friday i took malcolm to marbles while alanna was in school. it was pretty empty, i guess because school has started, so it was really nice to be able to sit and play with each activity without interruption. later that evening, danny stayed with the kids while i went out with a few friends to see the breakfast club on the lawn of the ncma. the weather was perfect. we picked up burritos and cupcakes, and we all had a lovely time. it'd been 10+ years since i had seen it, but i totally remembered almost every line. it was so fun watching it on the big screen under the stars. i just wish danny had been there with us (he loves molly ringwald).

on saturday we went to the flea market, but it got pretty hot, so we only stayed about an hour. then in the evening, the kids and i went to a bbq to celebrate our friend lia's birthday. the food was delicious, as always, and the cake was wonderful. but we left early, because malcolm started to get cranky. on days when he misses his nap, watch out!

sunday we took some things to the good will, visited the used book store (and scored big on some trade-ins!), did some grocery shopping, and then just hung out around the house. it was a pretty chill weekend, just how we like it :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

alanna is...

...officially an 8th grader! school started on wednesday, but i missed getting a first day of school photo. so here is her on the second day of school instead.

so far she is loving it. she got some great electives, she has lots of friends in most of her classes, and she likes (almost all of) her teachers. i think she should do really well this year. she is such a good student, she loves to read, and she always gets good grades. last year she struggled a bit at the beginning of the year, but by the end, she was doing great. i think with the transfer to a new middle school (two new schools in 2 years), not knowing anyone, and all of the days she missed (because of our trips to asheville and disneyland. oops!), she had a lot going on, and her grades slipped a bit. but this year will be different, and we are all looking forward to it. plus she got an awesome new desk at ikea last month, so she has a nice homework area in her room.

i made a nice dinner on tuesday to end the summer on a tasty note. i do not cook. like ever. i am pretty good at preparing easy meals, and i love to bake, but i very, very rarely make a dinner from scratch. i just don't really know what i am doing in the kitchen, and it all overwhelms and scares me a bit. plus i hate spending a lot of time, and money on getting new ingredients for a new recipe, only to have it taste like garbage. but i found a recipe for a vegan baked ziti with chickpeas, zucchini, and kalamata olives, and it looked simple enough for me to tackle.

we had our friend compton over for dinner as well. everyone said the meal was good. malcolm surprisingly ate it without any complaints, and danny was in shock that i had actually made some "real food", haha.

alanna had thirds. for real. that girl can eat!

i guess they must have loved it, because they ate a lot of it. pretty fantastic :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

family fun day & such

saturday afternoon vicky came over and we all headed downtown for "family fun day" at artspace, to check out the youth exhibition and see what alanna had created while at their summer arts program.

she did both of these pieces in her "collage creations" class

she took "printed posters & journals" and made this tiger print using a linoleum block

here is her journal

she also took a stained glass class, and pinhole photography, but did not have any of those items on display, so i don't have any photos of them. alanna was able to take all of these classes free of charge, thanks to my friend lia (who is the director of programs & exhibitions at artspace), who let us know about their scholarship program. we are very grateful that she qualified and was accepted. it was a nice way to break up the slow summer months, and she had fun creating art, and meeting new friends.

and while we were there, we got to check out our friend garrett's new studio. he was chosen as their "regional emerging artist in residence", which is pretty prestigious, and we are very proud of him and this latest accomplishment.

alanna went home with vicky to spend the rest of the weekend at her house, so sunday was pretty chill. we did some grocery shopping and then spent the evening out in the yard while danny mowed the lawn. malcolm loves his little pool so much. (thanks lana, for the awesome hand-me-downs!)

that's the front of our new little house :)

look at all that lush green grass! we have wanted a yard like this for 5 years. we really love living here!

after about 20 minutes, he wanted his trunks off! haha, this boy loves to swim in the buff.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

limited edition

i don't normally plug my husband's business on this blog (like ever), but his newest shirt design is so badass, i figured i should share it with you all. and i think there might be a few people who read this blog that don't have facebook, so they may have missed seeing it before they sell out. and they will sell out fast. if you love it, get one now.

yep, this is pretty much the best combination since peanut butter met jelly. seventh dagger + star wars = amazing.

my husband is a genius :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


yesterday the kids and i headed downtown to spend a couple hours at marbles, since malcolm had been asking to go all week. i found a parking spot on the street just behind the museum, and alanna got out of the car and came around to my side. i took my keys, opened up the back door, hit the lock, and grabbed my wallet to put some quarters in the meter. then a guy came up to our car to ask us how to use the new meters that they just installed all over downtown raleigh. he caught me off guard, and i was distracted and before i knew it, the door clicked shut... with my keys on the floor inside, next to my purse and my cell phone, and malcolm strapped into his carseat!! luckily he was asleep, so he never knew what happened. but my heart sunk to my stomach. i have never locked him in the car before, but i have locked my keys in the car many, many times, and i knew that someday this would happen.

thankfully it was overcast and had been raining earlier in the day, so it wasn't very hot out. and thankfully alanna was with me so that she could stay by the car while i went to find help. we were near a law office, so i asked if i could use their phone to call raleigh police. the dispatcher was very nice, and said that this happens all the time. she sent out the fire dept. with flashing lights and all. how embarrassing. but they arrived quickly, and were able to jimmy the door open enough to fit a long thin metal rod down inside to pop the lock. malcolm slept through the whole ordeal. and he wasn't even hot when i took him out of his seat. phew. things could have been much worse, and much scarier if this had been any other august day in nc. we really lucked out.

he saw the fire truck just as it was driving away, and said something about the lights. little did he know that they just saved the day. i don't know what it is with us and marbles, but somehow we seem to have the worst luck. remember how i lost him a couple weeks ago?! seriously, what is the deal?! haha. anyway, we had a lot of fun playing inside.

i apologize for so many photos of the same place. but there is so much to do there, and it seems like each time we go, i get good shots of the kids doing different activities. plus i like documenting how much malcolm enjoys going there :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the very first

tonight is the very first time that i have been away from malcolm for more than just a few hours. ever. danny is house sitting at his parents, so he took lil' buddy with him to spend the night. it's only been a few hours, and i already miss them both so much. i know, i'm crazy. but i am not used to being alone, or the house being this quiet for this many continuous hours. i keep thinking i need to turn the tv down, or whisper, but then i remember that malcolm is not asleep. at least not in his very own "big boy" bed. i know alanna is enjoying the peace and quiet without the boys here. they will be back in the morning, and i cannot wait. yep, i've lost it.

he helped me pack his little overnight bag, and was so excited to go. i think he must have said " i'm ready to go!" about a hundred times.

oh, and when danny offered to take him with, i had thought of all this stuff i should do while they are gone. you know, like be super productive?! but i watched two hours of masterchef instead. i guess i'm on vacation tonight :)

p.s. today is the 200th post on malcolm's photo blog. go check it out here if you haven't already!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

big boy

today we finally converted malcolm's crib into a toddler bed. he's been able to climb out of the crib for months now, and he could do it safely, without falling (sometimes he would get stuck on the rail, and would cry out for our help, haha), so we weren't in much of a hurry to take the front panel off. but i figured that maybe having a "big boy bed" would entice him to take naps in his room instead of on the futon (or in the car), and also help him want to stay in bed all night. for what seems like forever, he has been coming to our bed in the middle of the night, which can be so sweet on some nights, and an absolute disaster on others. quite often we all wake up like zombies, since malcolm sleeps like a wild beast, rolling about, tossing and turning, and kicking us both in the head. it's crazy.

anyway, so today i put his new toddler bedding on (i actually won this eric carle bedding set on ebay when he was just a tiny little infant. i've been waiting patiently to use it!), and before i could get his new bed rail installed, he was ready to take a nap in his bed. he went down in no time. it was pretty awesome. i snuck in and took these photos after he was asleep. pretty dang cute.

after about 40 minutes, he did roll out onto the floor, which was sad, so he finished his nap on the recliner. but tonight he seemed excited to go to bed too. here's hoping he will stay in there all night long.

weekend in nc

on friday i was feeling a little bummed out. remember our amazing trip last year to ma? well, that annual event was happening again on saturday morning, and i was sad that we weren't able to go again this year. this summer is already almost over, and i feel like we haven't really done much of anything. well, at least not in the form of a vacation as a family. our only day trip to the beach was pretty much a giant fail. and alanna starts school again in a week. so i was kinda feeling down about not going anywhere this year.

looking back at this time last year, it seems like we had so much going on. we had the weekend in ma, we were looking forward to a trip to the mountains with my parents, and also our annual vacation at disneyland in october. this year we aren't doing any of that. and it makes me sad. i would really like to just get away for a bit.

my sweet husband must have known that i was feeling a little off, and he did a great job of making our weekend very nice. on friday he rented the blindside for alanna and i to watch, while he went and saw the expendables with the boys. we both really liked the movie, and it totally made me cry (of course, haha).

on saturday morning our landlord had the water heater replaced (it died friday evening), and after the super nice fix-it guy finished up under the house, we headed out to danny's parents place. we left the kids with vicky (thanks again!), and drove to durham for some quiet kid-free time. we had sorbet at whole foods and then browsed the used book store before heading back.

the kids sometimes make us feel like zombies, so it's nice to get away. in this case, they made danny look like one :)

when we got back, vicky took us out to dinner, and then we spent the evening relaxing outside. malcolm picked the cutest little cantaloupe ever from her garden.

we found some fireworks in the house, and had fun setting them off

all the noise and sparks and excitement, and malcolm could care less. he was totally uninterested.

sunday started off pretty lazy

danny mowed the lawn (it looks great!), and when he was finished, we all got in the car and headed to chapel hill.

we stopped for lunch, and then went to our favorite comic book store.

malcolm looks thrilled, haha.

then we hit the used book store

and we finished the outing with chocolate cake at the local co-op. yum! it was a nice low-key weekend. oh, and i'm glad the humidity is gone, and the weather is getting better. i'm really looking forward to spending more time outside soon.