Thursday, February 25, 2010


yesterday my cousin lisa posted this sweet photo collage on her facebook page.
(i hope she doesn't mind that i stole a copy of it?!)

a year ago, her sister melissa passed away. it's hard to believe it has already been a whole year. lisa and missy are the daughters of my uncle arlund and aunt earlene (who visited nc last september). arlund is my mother's younger brother, and his family lives about a 2 minutes drive from my parents house. so growing up, we spent a lot of time at their house, and their family at ours. missy had such a sweet spirit. when they would come over to visit, she would always yell "HI!" when they walked in the door, and she would give everyone hugs. she loved flipping through all our books, national geographic magazines, and mom's jc penney catalogs. after i had alanna, she loved playing with alanna's toys. and she loved watching kids movies.

coincidentally, this evening alanna was singing this song from the muppet show. i loved that show as a kid, so when alanna was little we would watch it on vhs all the time, and she loved it as much as i had (still does). she wanted to look up the video on youtube to show malcolm. next thing i hear is this:

(this is the best video i could find. most of them had the audio pulled? lame.)

this song was one of missy's favorites. her brother tom actually got those little muppets tattooed on his chest in remembrance, after she died. i wish i had a photo of his tattoo. anyway, i thought it was interesting that of all the days for alanna to bring up these videos, that it would be today? i googled melissa's name and found a copy of her obituary here. she lived a good long life, much longer than any doctors had predicted. she had a great family and was always surrounded by people who loved her. i can't imagine how hard it must be for my aunt and uncle to not have her around anymore. i just want the thaxton family to know that i am thinking of them. i love you guys.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the weekend

on saturday, alanna attended her first bat mitzvah. she was invited by her friend hannah from school, and she had a lot of fun. we really only know the basics about the jewish religion, so it was a very different experience for her, but she really enjoyed herself. hannah read from the torah in hebrew, and then they had a luncheon which included some yummy kosher dishes that were vegan. a few other girls from school were there, they had a DJ, and they all hung out and danced and had a good time.

she even got a new dress for the occasion, and she looked great in it. wow, she is so grown up. alanna hasn't willingly worn a dress since she was a little girl. other than the dresses she wore to mine, my sister-in-law, and my sister's weddings, she probably hasn't worn a dress since she was about 7. she went through a major tomboy stage, and didn't like dressing "girly" at all, but she has grown past that, and maybe this will change her mind about wearing/liking dresses :)

after we picked her up from the bat mitzvah, we met up with danny's parents, and they took alanna out to their house for the night. she loves spending the night out there.

the weather was pretty nice out, so danny and i took malcolm to the park. it has been so cold, and we've spent way too much time inside the house this winter, so it's great when we can actually go outside and not freeze. the playground was pretty crowded with lots of kids and parents, so we walked down to the empty baseball diamond. malcolm found a couple of old tennis balls, and had sooo much fun throwing and chasing them! he seriously spent like 30 minutes just picking up the ball, throwing it (he has a good arm!), running after it, and repeat. it was really cute.

here is proof that my husband smiles! (malcolm makes him smile all the time)

danny throwing the ball to malcolm. i love these guys!

a bright blue sky (and a tiny sliver of moon)

after the park we stopped at target to get malcolm a booster seat. he's such a big boy now. he loves sitting at the dining room table to eat, instead of in the high chair.

on thursday when we went to target to get alanna her dress, i also bought myself a new purse. i haven't used a handbag since malcolm was born (except for on date nights), so it was really nice to finally retire that big diaper bag-pack that i've been using for 2 years. motherhood has pretty much consumed me, and it's rare when i treat myself to something nice. i haven't bought a new pair of shoes since he was born, and i've only had my hair cut maybe twice since then as well (the last time was in march of last year. yikes.) i often feel like that mom on the suave commercials... you know the one, right?! haha. but i guess it's okay, since most days i only leave the house to pick alanna up from school and to run to the post office. i would rather spend any extra money on things that the kids need, instead of on things that i want. anyway, i'm really happy that i treated myself to something new, and maybe having this new bag will make me feel a little less frumpy when i'm out in public. i also got a new phone on friday as well! i haven't upgraded my phone in probably 4 years, so i had an upgrade credit, and it also had an instant rebate, so the phone was free!! yay for new stuff!

the phone is "green" because it is made from recycled materials, and the eco-friendly packaging was super cute too. look at those sunflowers... i can't wait for spring/summer!

on sunday danny's parents brought alanna home, and then dan helped danny replace my transmission fluid, after we had a little mishap, (oops!) thanks again dan! my car is driving really good now. then we did our weekly grocery shopping trip to costco, trader joe's, and kroger. ugh.

the weather yesterday was rainy, and today it is a little gloomy again. i wish we could have done more fun stuff out in the nice weather. so here's hoping it will be warm and sunny again next weekend, and maybe we will make a trip to the flea market. yay!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

i love love

i love watching clever/cute/creative videos from other peoples weddings (remember this one?) i just found this video today! matt miller (the groom) is a fantastic photographer, and is also an old friend of my husband. i'm pretty sure he had the most amazing wedding ever. here is a link to their wedding photos. pretty dang awesome.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day

what a nice day we all had. we don't really make a big deal out of this (silly) holiday, but i think it's nice to have a day where you can show your family how much you love them, give them yummy treats, and spend time together playing super mario bros on the wii. wait... we already do that all the time! hmmm, well anyway, it was fun to exchange gifts and hang out. danny gave me these beautiful white roses. he also got me two of my favorite chocolate treats from trader joes.

earlier this week, i sent out some cute vintage valentines day love, via snail mail. sorry if i don't have your mailing address. or if yours arrives late (i did my best to get them out on time)

alanna made us this cute card

here are the treats we gave her

nothing says "i love you" like a new pair of chuck taylors! (to danny, from me)

i finally ordered some
dandies for us to try, and wow are they good! yay for vegan marshmallows! we loved them, and i'll definitely be ordering more. i wish they were sold locally, but since i got them with free shipping, i can't really complain. i also ordered some sjaak's vegan peanut butter cups, and they were good, but my peanut butter balls are better (and way cheaper!)

garrett was kind enough to watch the kids this afternoon, so that danny and i could go on a date. we snuck a cup of coffee into the movie theater and saw
The Wolfman. very romantic, i know... but there was no way i could ever convince him to see Valentines Day, haha! after, we had calzones at zpizza. good coffee, a good movie, and good food! it was really nice to spend some quiet time with him without the kids. i love you husbandito!

and i even wore a festive shirt! i wear this top when it isn't valentines day. i think i can get away with it, since my last name is hart :)

i hope you all had a nice day as well, and got to spend some time with those that you love!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

my funny lil' guy

this afternoon we met danny's parents for lunch. malcolm was very well-behaved through the whole meal. we even went to borders book store afterwards, and looked at books and toys. here he is being cute:

he is saying "yaaay!"

this is what had him oh so excited... a giant frosted chocolate chip cookie heart that vicky made us for a valentines day treat! yummy! it was really good!

he was petting her hair very softly, and being such a sweetie pie. it was pretty cute.

on the way home, the sun was shining in his face, and he was yelling "jack! jack! dark! dark!" which means that he wanted the reusable nightmare before christmas grocery bag on his head! hahaha, he is so funny. he found it laying on the back seat of the car a few weeks ago, and pulled it over his head and thought it was so funny. then i guess he realized that it blocked the sun, so now he wants it on his head all the time. and don't worry, it is made out of a thin breathable fiber, not plastic or anything that would make him suffocate. and alanna is almost always in the back with him when it is on his head. he fell asleep in it today. this is what he looked like when we got home.

dan got malcolm some flowers to give alanna and i. he was so sweet carrying them over to us at the restaurant today. i tried to get a photo of him holding them when we got home, but these are as good as i could get.

they are lovely

since the weather is so cold out right now (it snowed a little again last night), we can't really go to the park. so yesterday i let malcolm play at the mall. i needed to run an errand there anyway, so we stayed a while and he had lots of fun in the little play area.

he was running non-stop pretty much the whole time, so most of the photos i took were a blur.

playing is hard work!

while we were there, he made a little friend. the girl was probably about 4, and she was holding his hand, and putting her arm around him down the slide etc. it was super cute. i think she was smitten. he really liked playing with her too. then i heard her calling at him to follow her, and she was saying "come here caillou!" haha, he totally thinks his name is caillou right now, and she must have asked him what his name was and he told her caillou instead of malcolm. pretty freakin' funny! i've been trying to get him to say malcolm instead, but he thinks it's hilarious to say caillou. plus i don't think he can pronounce malcolm yet. so for now, i guess he has an alter ego. i got him on video a few days ago, he cracks me up!

(sorry if i sound awful. i know everyone hates the sound of their own voice, but i really hope that's not what i sound like in real life. ugh.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

dr. visit

today we took malcolm to his 2 year well check visit. his dr. says he looks great. he is healthy, and growing/developing/learning right on target. he is still a tiny little guy, just 25 lbs now, and 33 inches tall (he gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches since his 18 month check up), but at least he has made it into the 25th percentile for his weight! at one point when he was a newborn, he was in the 4th percentile for weight :( and oh, sooo tiny. i really don't think it is a fair comparison though, since the majority of the general american population eats terribly, and feeds their kids all kinds of awful crap. no wonder they all weigh so much more than him (ahem vicky, you know, like the baby at the gym being fed bojangles biscuits and gravy at 6 months old!! ewww!). anyway, they also took a blood sample, and his iron levels look totally fine. yay for a healthy and happy vegan toddler!

(look at him standing on the sides of his feet, haha! he never does that? i think it was because he didn't have any socks on. funny that i caught it in a photo)

after the dr's visit, we went to the park, but it was really cold out, so we only stayed a few minutes. i cannot wait for the weather to get warmer. i am not at all looking forward to the hot/humid summer, but i am pretty much over this whole winter thing too. bring on spring please! i would love to live where it is like spring and autumn all year long! (does that place even exist?!)

he was super excited that there was still snow on the ground :)

and alanna got stuck up there in the slide, it was pretty funny

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

salt lake city...

...we'll be seeing you soon...

(images found on google)

we've booked our flights for a much needed, well-overdue visit to this beautiful city that i will always consider home. an extra special thanks to my very generous parents!! and to for having such awesome prices on flights today (the cheapest i've ever seen from rdu to slc)! we will be landing in utah on march 24th! i'm so super duper excited i think i could puke.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

malcolm's party

on sunday afternoon, we had a small family get-together at our house, to celebrate malcolm's second birthday. last year we had family and lots of friends over, but this year we wanted to keep it more simple. he already got so much great stuff for christmas, so we didn't think it was necessary to have a big party this year. plus times are tough, and we didn't want anyone to feel obligated to buy him things that he may not even need. it was a nice little low-key party, and we all had a great time. we ate some food, opened presents, had cake, and played outside in the snow. here are a bunch of photos from sunday, taken by grandpa dan and myself. enjoy!

i made tons of snicker doodles!

garrett and malcolm

the cake was made at a locally owned bakery in cary, and it was delicious (as always!)

he was so excited for the cake, and loved us singing happy birthday to him

and he did a great job blowing out the candles

vegan cake coma, haha!

brushing his teeth, while sitting on the potty

after all the gifts and cake, he was fading fast. grandpa read him a book, but he wouldn't nap, so we all went outside to sled in the street/driveway.

alanna was cruising down the hill on her hot pink tube, so she missed being in this photo. bummer.

he rode the pony down the driveway...

...and we also sent him down in a cardboard box! haha!