Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh, and...

believe it or not, danny and i met on myspace. true story. so the song from the wedding scene in napoleon dynamite has always held a special place in my heart... and it totally makes me laugh! it's pretty appropriate for us, don't you think!? haha.

so this was my gift to danny

since fathers day was on sunday, and i had no budget left, i had to be crafty, so i made him his gift. i drew it this week, while malcolm was napping. i haven't drawn anything since i moved to nc. i used to draw a lot, maybe i should start up again.

i also made him his favorite cherry "cheesecake"

this is what danny gave me, and i love it! it's huge. i actually don't even know where to put it. my nightmare collection is a bit out of control, and my "nbc" cabinet is already full... looks like i'm gonna have to rearrange some things in there.


  1. Chuck and I met on aol back in the day when you paid for it by the hour, we could've been on Jerry Springer! Congrats on your anniversary! :)

  2. SO many people dont watch napoleon to the end and so they miss the wedding bit!

    oh man, the cheesecake looks really good and getting some cheesecake is now all i can think about for lunch hah

    you really do have a talent for drawing. you should get back to doing some if you get the time in between naps ;]