Friday, June 12, 2009

R.I.P Pimbo

i've spent most of today crying. this morning, i found our friend garrett's sweet lil' doggie, pimbo, dead in the basement. it was awful. that poor little guy. i am so sad... i don't deal with loss very well. i can only hope that he is in "doggie heaven", wherever that may be, and that he is happy.

for those of you who don't know garrett, he is our friend that lives in the basement apartment in our house. he is very talented and does some really amazing paintings, using hand-cut stencils (i will try and do a post about them later). he also works for danny, doing screen printing. garrett has had pimbo (aka little lucky) since before malcolm was born. he fostered pimbo, and his brother bueller (who was adopted by our other friend compton) when they were just teeny tiny puppies, so we have watched him grow up. he was a wild, hyper, puppy, always getting into everything, and destroying anything in his path. but he was a sweet dog. and we are all very sad about what has happened.

last week pimbo ate a large chunk of carpet, while he was at the shop. then he got really sick. and all of his energy was gone. he looked so sad. garrett took him to the emergency vet on sunday, but they couldn't figure out what exactly was wrong (idiots). so on monday he took him to his normal vet, who said that the carpet he ate was blocking his intestines, and that they would have to do surgery. he spent a couple days there, and garrett brought him home a day and a half ago. he seemed sick, and sad, but that's pretty normal for a dog recovering from surgery. this morning, garrett had to go to the shop, so he left pimbo at home. he called me around noon, to ask me if alanna and i could go down and check on him. when we went down the stairs, i new something was wrong... it smelled awful. and there he was just laying there. not moving, or breathing. sooo sad. i was hysterical. danny came home, cleaned up the mess (what an amazing husband i have), and took garrett out to some property that his parent's own, to give pimbo a proper burial.

here he is as a baby

with his brother bueller, snuggling my pregnant belly

here he is a little older

oh, pimbo. we will miss you. rest in peace my friend.


  1. dood like you said on my post...apparently it was a bad day for all...i cannot believe the emergency vet could not figure out what the hell was wrong with him. like the minute i read that you said he ate carpet, my mind dashed to GI blockage...fuckin retards. apparently you cannot count on anyone. sorry for your guys loss.

  2. thanks lana. yeah, and they billed him $400 for nothing. they even took x-rays, and still couldn't help him. how lame. i guess that when he made it to his normal vet, it was in there too long? so sad.

  3. lauren.. i had no idea.. i need to call garrett and check on him.. how is he doing?


  4. yeah jayme, it was pretty shoking, and totally unexpected. garrett was really upset yesterday after i found pimbo, but he was doing a lot better after he and danny got back from creedmoor. maybe give him a day or two before you call. or just send him an email. <3

  5. That is so sad Lauren. Man, my dog has eaten so many random things... bastard.. and just shit them out. Poor Pimbo. I have come close to losing my dog before but I can't imagine going through that. Pimbo was sooo cute.

  6. thanks jeanie. he was so cute. he was one of the only dogs that our lucky dog got along with, and alanna took care of him often, when garrett was out of town etc., so we are all gonna miss him a bunch.

  7. sorry lauren, thats really rough.

    about 9 months ago i came home to find my cat dead in the road, she had been run over and left for dead.

    its complete sadness when something like this happens. so sorry.

    he looks like a beautiful dog and he sounds like he was a lovely dog as well

  8. oh paul, that is so sad. it's awful when pets have such bad endings. i actually ran over my own cat once. but that's another terrible story in itself...

  9. Oh man, thats the worst! I'm sorry!

  10. I'm so sorry Lauren. Stigma is 13 now and I dread the day that she might leave us. Boy these little pits sure grab you heart!