Thursday, July 16, 2009

time with daddy

there are definitely pros and cons to being self employed, and owning your own small business. some of the good: making your own schedule. taking time off when you want. not having to wait 2 weeks to be paid. not having to answer to "the man". tons of expenses/deductions = phat tax refunds! and some of the bad: having no health insurance. occasionally dealing with shitty people, and wondering if and when you will be paid (for a job that has already been finished and delivered). sometimes having to work all day, all week long, and not getting to spend time with the fam. stress. stress. and more stress.

but yesterday, danny took the day off to watch malcolm, so i could take alanna to the movies. they went out to his parents house (about 45 minutes from us, outside of the city). danny loves it out there. i hear that malcolm had a blast, playing at the park, chasing ducks, running with some big kids, walking on the pier over the little lake. playing with sticks in grandma vicky and grandpa dan's yard, running through their corn, eating cherry tomatoes from the garden.

here are some photos via danny's phone.

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