Friday, July 31, 2009

18 months

malcolm turned 18 months old yesterday. he is growing up so fast. but really he is still just a little tyke. i love all the new things he's been learning and picking up on. this age is great. he's becoming much more independent, and so smart... and he can't talk back yet, haha. he does the cutest things everyday, that make us laugh. it makes me sad to think about all the amazing things he does, that my family and friends back home are missing out on. i really need to invest in a good digital camcorder, so that i can get some better videos of him. my old camera's video function just doesn't cut it. anyway, here are some cute photos from yesterday. he loves alanna's lightsaber. it makes noise and lights up, and he is very serious when he plays with it, haha.

a few things that have happened this past month:

  • he's started to get a molar. so far he only has 8 front teeth. 4 on top and 4 on bottom.

  • his new words are "baby", "hi dada", "puppy", and "bob" (spongebob). plus he does lots of other crazy baby talk. sometimes it goes on and on forever.

  • he bends his elbows, and puts his hands palm up, as if he is confused and asking "what's going on?" or "where is it?", when he's looking for something or someone. it's adorable.

  • he can climb onto the recliner, dining room chairs (and table), couch - and up onto the window sills (scary!), all by himself. but not out of the crib yet.

  • he can hang onto our backs, all by himself (hands-free for me and alanna), for a piggy-back ride.

  • he can mimic little sounds we make. my favorite is a howling wolf.

  • he knows these body parts, and will show you where they are when asked: hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, (belly) button, and toes.

i sure do love this little guy!


  1. Cute pictures!!! Seriously, kids are SO RAD! I love this post!!!

  2. He is getting so freaking big! I cant wait to see him again!

  3. obi wan better watch his back