Sunday, July 5, 2009

the 4th

we had a great day yesterday. we met up with vicky and alanna for lunch. alanna told us all about her great time at camp. she had a lot of fun, and got a lot of sun. malcolm was very happy to see her! in the evening, the kids and i went to a cookout at a friends house. it was really nice hanging out and eating good food. the weather was great, malcolm enjoyed being outside and running around their yard.

after that, we picked danny up from the house and headed over near the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. malcolm had more fun crawling around the blanket and doing flips over alanna, than watching the actual fireworks. i guess he's still too little. i wonder if he will like the display at disneyland better? probably, since we will be much closer to them than we were last night, and they will be a lot bigger.

the kids waiting for the fireworks to start

malcolm went to bed late, since we stayed out later than normal. when i peeked in to check on him just before midnight, this is what i saw, haha. both feet were sticking out through the slats. pretty funny. i'm not sure how he even got in this position? i was afraid that the bright flash would wake him up, but he didn't even budge.


  1. Happy 4th! I am so glad you guys had a great day :)

  2. Thanks Lauren. Having two boys is starting to feel normal and I am getting the whole balance thing down. I am glad Alanna had fun at camp. Malcolm is such a cute toddler. It is crazy how they change so fast.

  3. Aaaah man, what a CUTE pic of the feet sticking out like that...I would so love another babe right now, I am sooooo broody! My youngest babe is ONLY 2! lol