Friday, July 3, 2009

what a lovely day out

malcolm is 17 months old now. this week he has officially outgrown his bumbo seat. i loved that little baby chair, and so did he. it was perfect for feeding him breakfast and snacks. we got a lot of good use out of it, probably way more than most babies do. but we retired it yesterday, and now he has to use his highchair for all of his meals, which i don't think he likes very much.

here he is at 4 months old

and 17 months old

the weather was perfect out today. the humidity is almost non-existent right now, which makes it so much more comfortable to play outside. we spent some time in the yard, and riding around in the buggy. malcolm loves to explore the great outdoors.

i love his face in this one, haha! (eeek, i look awful)

our yard is pretty out of control right now. our lawnmower broke about a month ago, so the "grass" is getting pretty wild. it isn't really grass, just tall green stuff, haha. malcolm loves running through it. he was going so fast down the little hill, and he kept falling face first into it. pretty funny. you can see the little trail he made in it here.

we found this little tiny berry hiding underneath it all. how cute and red!

my nature baby

then danny came home, and thought this was a good idea. i did not agree. but i couldn't stop him, so of course i took a few photos. bad daddy.

malcolm thought it was hilarious

today was also alanna's last day of camp. danny's mom picked her up at the bus drop-off this afternoon. she wanted to spend the night with them tonight, so we won't see her until tomorrow afternoon. i talked to her on the phone briefly, and it sounds like she had a great time at camp. i'm sure she didn't want to leave. malcolm will be so glad to see her! and lucky and mama cat. well, we all will.

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  1. Malcolm is so cute.. isn't it crazy how fast they grow up?