Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP6 & more...

i took alanna to see harry potter and the half blood prince today. we hit the second showing of the day, just after noon. the theater was only about half full, and was totally silent the entire time (that's rare around here), other than a few laughs during funny parts. the movie was awesome! we both loved it. and it actually made me tear up a few times. i love all of the hp movies. they really are done so well. i have just started reading the books, at the request of alanna. she thinks that i will understand and like the movies better, after i have read the series. which i'm sure she is right. i am half way through the first book. i don't have a lot of time to sit quietly and read, so i'm just doing a chapter or two a night, before bed. wish me luck... it may take me years to finish all seven books.

the previews were good too. we used to go to the movies a lot, before malcolm was born. so i was always up to date on what new ones were coming out soon etc. but now i'm a bit lost. i loved the preview for
sherlock holmes, it looks really good. but my favorite preview was for where the wild things are!! and yes, it also brought tears to my eyes. i'm sooo excited for this film! it looks like it should be pretty damn amazing. october 16th can't come soon enough...

oh, and if you love this book and maurice sendak, then be sure to check out this blog:

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  1. I must have missed the WTWTA preview while I was getting some grub! I can't wait either. That is one of Braden's FAVORITE stories. I bought it on itunes. It's awesome :) I thought this Harry Potter was true to the book but a little slow. It got pretty scary at the end though didn't it? The books are soooo good. You will love them. I'm telling you, once you get through book 3, you can't put them down.