Saturday, July 18, 2009

the weekend & food, inc.

this past weekend was pretty chill. we didn't really do much. the weather was weird. raining really hard on friday, then really hot and sunny on sunday, and raining a bit again today. on friday, danny's friend paul drove out here to see a movie with us. we went and saw
wow. all i can say is: please, please, please GO SEE THIS FILM!! seriously. it will make you stop and think about what you are feeding your family (and yourself). i've heard a lot of this stuff before... but this movie was just another awesome reminder of why i am raising my kids vegan. and also why i should be buying more organic and locally grown foods (i've been pretty good about this, but i will be much more conscious about it when i'm out shopping from now on). even if you are not veg, please go out of your way to see this movie. it will open up your eyes about all kinds of food related bs that goes on behind closed doors, and right under our noses. this country has some serious issues.

on saturday we took the kids to lake johnson to feed the ducks. like usual, the geese pretty much took over. most of them were taller than malcolm, and at one point, they had him surrounded and were chasing him. it was pretty funny. here are some photos:


  1. That grocery thing totally has organic! It's only $10 more...I'll be doing that one next time :) I'll have to check out the movie.

  2. I really admire your VEGAN and ORGANIC way of "ROCKS"...
    AWESOME top.

  3. I think geese are so scary! They are always so mean. Awesome shirt.

  4. the sundance channel aired this film last year about the food industry. it totally blew me away!
    i forgot the name but it was so good. there was no talking, which made it really eerie & more intense.
    i can't wait to see this one.