Friday, July 10, 2009

it's july?

with the weather that we've been having lately, you wouldn't know it was the middle of summer in north carolina. i'm loving it. low humidity, and overcast skies. i do not miss the heat/humidity at all. let's hope it stays nice for a while. yesterday, the kids and i were getting stir-crazy being at home, so we went to pullen park. danny's shop is nearby, so he met up with us too.

looking at a bug

we rode the little train...

and malcolm loved it. he's gonna have so much fun at disneyland!

malcolm loves to climb up the slide, and then go down it on his tummy

he also loved daddy pushing him in the swing

and this is such a lovely photo i just had to post it, haha!


  1. NC looks so beautiful! Great photos xoxo

  2. thank goodness for this weather...let hope it holds out for the flea market this weekend!!!

  3. i bet YOU enjoy disneyland EVEN more then the kids!! aha ;]

    so do you guys own your own shop?

    NC looks like a beautiful part of the world