Wednesday, July 29, 2009

mama has a new "job"

i've started doing mail order again this week. so this is currently what our dining room looks like.

after danny and i were married, and alanna and i moved to nc, i took over doing all of the mail order for his online merch store. my mother-in-law dubbed me his "mail order bride", haha. i did it from our home, for 2 and a half years, up until i had malcolm. but after he was born, i just didn't have the time or energy to keep up with it. we get a lot of orders, and it is pretty time consuming. so danny started doing it again from his office.

my husband shares his shop/warehouse space with another guy who also owns a small record label. they just got his online merch store up and running, so he has hired me to process all of the orders. i like doing it, and it will be nice to have a little extra spending money (which i will be putting towards our trip to disneyland in october!).

in related news, malcolm has been sleeping like a champ! he's in bed between 9:30 - 10:30 pm, and he stays asleep all night until about 9:30 am. yay! it was my goal to have him in bed around 9 pm, so this is pretty amazing (remember when he was keeping me up until 5 am?!). i will work on mail order at night after malcolm is in bed. right now i'm working on catching up about a months worth of pre-order items, so i've been missing out on my hubby time. danny and i usually watch a program together after the kids are in bed. but once i get through all of these orders, i will only have to spend an hour or less a night on it. pretty sweet.


  1. I'm happy to hear he's still sleeping through the night and in his own bed.Sol will not sleep in his own bed anymore. We're staying with Aldo's mom right now and she's very loud so he doesn't get much sleep. If he does sleep in his bed he wakes up at 4 or 5 and wants to come in our room. It sucks. :(

  2. what do you mail order? looks interesting!
    p.s. making the cookies excited!

  3. oh no shani, that sucks. maybe if you just leave him in there longer for a few nights, he will realize that he needs to stay in his bed. letting him cry sucks, but it totally worked for us. malcolm doesn't really even cry anymore when i put him to bed. it's awesome.

    it's shirts and cd's that i am sending out.