Friday, August 5, 2011

the bee's knees

this beautiful necklace was a gift from my sweet husband for our anniversary (in june), and i absolutely love it! 

danny is very thoughtful when it comes to picking out anniversary gifts for me. and although this wasn't the actual necklace he gave me (he had narrowed it down to two choices, but picked the wrong one), i was able to make an exchange and get the one that i'd fallen in love with. 

our very talented friend (and danny's only employee)
garrett just so happens to have an equally talented girlfriend, megan, who made this piece by hand. her work is so detailed and unique, be sure to click on both of their links to check out what they do best. 

megan had a booth at artsplosure and this pendant totally caught my eye. danny remembered that i had liked her jewelry, and i'm really glad that he did. i love anything with a bee, a beehive, or a honeycomb pattern, because they remind me of home. utah is the beehive state. i love bees because they pollinate flowers and make it possible for plants to grow (hooray for fresh veggies!) and i love that "the american honey bee is usually a very gentle creature. however she will defend her home against all threats." kinda like me.

thanks again husbandito, i love you.

(yikes, not the best photo of me)

oh yeah, and see the bees on my tank top too?! back in april we went to urban outfitters and danny bought it for me as part of my birthday present. he actually picked it out himself. so cute.  

p.s. please pay no attention to how terribly faded the tattoo on my chest is. i am in need of some serious touch-up. it is thirteen years old after all, so let's just consider it vintage, ok?! :) 


  1. that is so cute! anything bees and beehives, us utahns have gotta love ;)

  2. love the necklace! So beautiful & unique AND nothing beats a great gift for the husband! yay!