Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ribbon cutting

this past thursday was the official ribbon cutting ceremony for alanna's new school. we got a little dressed up, sat under a canopy in the heat, listened to a few guest speakers including lt. governor walter dalton, and then got to take a tour of the newly renovated building. malcolm sat quietly for most of it, and liked the guns the best (that the rotc were holding).

i didn't take any photos of the inside of the building because we were following a tour guide (one of alanna's classmates) and it was very crowded. plus i didn't want to embarrass alanna any more than we probably already had -just by showing up. i'm sure she wasn't thrilled that we were there, and she about died when i made her take this next photo. she is definitely at the age where she could care less if we attend school events or not. oh boy, teenagers.  

the building that is housing her school this year was formerly used as a nc state tv station years ago, so it still has this huge tower attached. the school was very nice inside. next year they will be moved to a new facility. 

the cut ribbon :)

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