Wednesday, August 3, 2011

july leftovers

my very first batch ever of vegan lemon squares. they were wonderful!

look closely... do you see the two wild bunnies hiding under there? the only thing better is baby wild bunnies! eeep! but they are fast, so no photos yet.

alanna and mama cat watching a scary movie together.

malcolm put himself in there, and he was laughing. silly boy.

i've had these on my wish list for a couple years now, so when i saw them marked down with those little orange clearance stickers, i was so excited! sad to see them no longer available in stores, but glad to give them a good home. (danny also surprised me with the classic record player too!) hooray for target clearance!

making cookies (thanks for smiling lil' buddy)

i passed this gem up at the kids exchange. which is crazy, since it was only $3.00! it was so cute, but ridiculously tacky, and i figured danny wouldn't appreciate me trying to incorporate it into our decor, haha.

late night crash & burn.

playdate at marbles with addison. they loved the water tables.

addy was soaked!

so, so sad about this :(

monkey joes!

his smirk was because he had just stolen that dinosaur from that annoying little girl ;)

the rain brought us a little relief from the heat.


mama cat.

and malcolm took these the other day during lunch at chipotle. he loves to use my camera.

funny lil' dude.

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