Sunday, August 21, 2011

some august adventures

i must admit, the first half of this summer was kind of a bummer. i strongly dislike the heat and humid weather in nc, and the high temps we've had this year have made it very hard to enjoy these long hot days. alanna had june and july off of school, and we didn't do much of anything. danny has been very busy at the shop, and with my opposite work schedule (oh, the joys of working retail -always working weekends), we never made it to the beach. or anywhere else. 

alanna has been back in school for two weeks now, and so far, august has been pretty great! some days have still been very warm, but not every single day, and i can already feel a change in the air. the sun is starting to sit a little lower in the sky, and the evenings are pretty wonderful outside. i love that soon it will be autumn, my most favorite season of all. here are some photos of what we've been up to around our area this month.

we took a little trip to chapel hill. we love it there (obviously!)

malcolm was annoyed that i was taking photos

then he asked me to take a picture of his butt

which he thought was hilarious! oh, this boy of mine :)

grandma "bicky" renewed our membership at marbles! one more year, one more year, one more super duper year! (<-spongebob reference) thanks vicky!

he found some play eggs in the kitchen area, and immediately grabbed them up and ran them over to the mama chicken in her barn stall. what an amazing little vegan he is. always thinking of the animals! i never told him to do this, he did it on his own, naturally. made me very proud.

we went back to laurel hills park with danny so that he could see the wooden playground. then we all went for a walk though the woods. i love living where it is so green all the time. it's pretty great to be surrounded by trees, everywhere we go.  


  1. Gosh they are getting so big! I remember when Alanna was like 5 years old. Its crazy how time flies!

  2. Such a cute boy!