Monday, August 8, 2011

alanna's first

today was alanna's very first day of high school! plus her first day on nc state university campus. it's a little hard for me to believe. i often feel like i just graduated myself. i remember high school vividly -well, at least the two years i spent at young parent east, my baby mama school. my sophomore year was sort of a blur. 

so here is a little message to all my friends out there with wee ones: i know you hear this all the time and that you are probably already realizing it daily, but wow, does time fly! i feel like life is moving so quickly, especially now that i also have a toddler. weeks zoom by, sometimes even months, and i look back at old photos and wonder where all that time went! today has really made me think about how i should slow down, and really appreciate my time with malcolm... because any day now he will be starting high school too! haha :)

this song seemed fitting for this post too. makes me cry, every. single. time.

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  1. oh wow!! can't believe she's already in high school!