Wednesday, May 25, 2011


we didn't see much of danny last week. his work schedule was pretty crazy, including a few nights where he was at the shop until well after 2 am. ah, the joys of being self-employed i suppose. so when saturday rolled around, and i told him that i had planned on taking the kids downtown to the annual raleigh arts festival, he decided to skip going back to the shop and came with us instead. i'm glad he did. we had a great time.

we headed out at 10 am, in hopes of beating the crowds and the heat. first stop was to see our friend garrett's latest art project... on a city bus!

after chatting with garrett for a few minutes, malcolm was eager to head to the next stop. he started to leave without us, funny little dude.

when i was looking online to see what artsplosure had to offer for the younger crowd, we discovered that there would be a luminarium! alanna and i went in one when we still lived in salt lake city, at the utah arts festival probably 7 or 8 years ago, and we loved it. so i knew that malcolm would love to go inside as well. he was so excited and asked about "the bubble" for days before our visit. it was awesome in there.

this is what it looked like on the outside. all the vibrant color that you see in the photos above was created by those small slivers of color + natural sunlight. very cool.

we got italian ice, strolled through the vendors area, and then headed to the kids activities.

malcolm isn't usually a fan of arts & crafts, but he had fun making a few things while we were there. when it was time to head home for a nap, he wanted to stay and do more activities.

on our way to the car, we passed this staircase. i drive this way nearly everyday to pick alanna up from school, and every time i see it i think how it would be a great spot for a photo. i mentioned this to danny, and he offered to take our picture. as soon as we sat down, malcolm farted. we all laughed, and then he farted again! the stone walls made it seem extra loud, it was hilarious! danny got these two great shots. perfect family portrait :)

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