Friday, January 21, 2011

our january, so far...

remember when i said i wanted to blog more?! ummm, oops. january has kept me busier than i had expected. i actually have three posts that i started days ago, but just never found time to finish. here's some of what we've been up to so far this year.

on new years day we visited the walking path behind the nc museum of art again. this time danny joined us instead of my sister natalie. the weather was really nice, until it started to drizzle. we left earlier than we had planned, and were soaked when we got in the car, but it was a nice way to start the year... outside, as a family.

my sister sent malcolm his very first set of finger paints for christmas. he had a lot of fun making little works of art.

we've been browsing the party and craft stores, in preparation for malcolm's third birthday party (next week!)

soy white mocha cocoa with dandies marshmallows (in the cutest mug ever), and half a cupcake! yes, please! :)

danny is the master of breakfast at our house!

a couple weeks ago it was really cold, and other parts of the state had more snow fall, but raleigh got skipped. boo. i took malcolm to the park last week because the weather seemed a bit warmer than it had been. when we got to the playground, it was completely covered in a sheet of ice. it was crazy. we only stayed for a few minutes, since it was so slippery.

the ground was totally frozen

he didn't want to leave, and cried when i said it was time to go.

this boy loves to be outdoors.

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