Sunday, January 9, 2011

a few leftovers

photos from december, that were on danny's phone or that i just missed posting:

danny propping up our snowman

it took days for him to melt. each morning when we would look outside and see him still hanging on, we would laugh :)

watching phineas and ferb while waiting for our pizza

our friend compton comes over for dinner often, and malcolm loves running around and playing with him. they usually play superheros, and tie blankets around their necks as capes...

for christmas compton ordered malcolm a custom cape with a letter "M" on the back. what a thoughtful gift. malcolm loves it! it was hard to get a photo of the back, but the cape itself is very nice quality.

here are two photos that i stole from lynn's blog post, of malcolm at dexter's birthday party. oh how i would love to own a camera like this. these photos are so crisp and clear compared to mine.

justin asked malcolm to show him his "mean face", haha

and malcolm loved watching (and playing with) these older boys. i think he thinks he is much older than he really is. alanna was the very same way.

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