Thursday, January 13, 2011

happy rubber ducky day!

January 13 is National Rubber Ducky Day!

The rubber ducky bath toy was first manufactured during the late 1800's as a way to make bath time more enjoyable for toddlers and babies. It has since turned into a popular bath time icon known worldwide.

During a Pacific storm on January 10, 1992, over 29,000 rubber ducky bath toys from a Chinese company were washed off of a cargo ship. Months after the storm, about two thirds of the rubber duckies had made there way to the shores of Indonesia, Australia, and South America. Some of the ducks also entered into the Bering Straight between Alaska and Russia where they became trapped in the Arctic ice. The ducks slowly made their way through the ice at one mile per day and in 2000, they were spotted in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Talk about some world traveled ducks!

Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
(info found here via google)

also, check out this link to see one of our favorite books, which was featured on january 10th. remember when i posted about it here?!

i'll end with this video, you know, because we love it! :)

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  1. Rubber Ducky was one of my favorite songs as a kid! Bert & Ernie were the I wonder what were they? room-mates, friends??? hmmm...haha!

    Oh & your new haircut is amazing! I forgot to leave a comment on your last post about it!