Wednesday, November 9, 2011

halloween fun!

it rained on halloween here, so any plans to trick-or-treat were kinda ruined. we made the best of it though, despite the cold and soggy weather, and i think that malcolm still had a lot of fun. early in the evening we made our way to the mall, and yikes, was it ever crowded. the rain brought out the masses, so we didn't stay long. this was the first year that alanna did not celebrate halloween. since she is too old to t-or-t, she opted to stay home and finish her homework. kind of a bummer as well. it is hard for me to fathom how grown up she is these days, and i often miss her being a little girl.

on our way home, we took a detour to the oakwood neighborhood to drive past malcolm's
favorite halloween house (i found that image on google. this year there were a lot more decorations!) last year he called it "the skeleton house", this year it was "the michael meyers house", haha! by the time we arrived, the rain had stopped, so we parked and made our way around a few blocks before it got too late and we got too cold. malcolm loved it. it was a little disappointing that we weren't able to go around our neighborhood like we had planned, but hopefully next year.

we did manage to attend a few other fun local halloween events in october, so here are some photos from them:

on the 22nd we took a hike along the halloween trail at the durant nature park. we bundled up in warm clothes, packed our flashlights, and everyone had a nice time. the night started off with a hay ride from our car to the trail. then some crafts and games for the little ones. the hike through the dark woods was a lot of fun and not too hard on malcolm. the trail was lined with paper lanterns and hundreds of very creative hand carved jack-o-lanterns. there were stops along the way where they had nature inspired stories and skits. it was cute. this was malcolm and alanna's creature:

so excited to put it on the giant spider web!

heading down the trail :) 

late on friday the 28th, alanna and i headed over to the mordecai house to board "the haunted trolley"! we took a tour of downtown raleigh's most haunted sites and heard tales of local ghosts and hauntings. the trolley stopped a few times in front of specific locations, and scary people jumped out at us! everyone inside screamed and laughed. i think that by next year malcolm will be old enough to ride, so we will all go as a family. it was a lot of fun!

this was our tour guide

and then on the 29th we all attended the family friendly haunted mordecai halloween festival. i love that there are free community events like this in our area. we also went last year. crazy how much malcolm (and alanna) has grown since then!

these were all over the ground. they looked like brains. so cool! 

and i snapped this one while we were in line at the mall. crazy boy sure does love halloween!


  1. I love where you live, sooo pretty! Malcolm looked great!

  2. what are those brain looking things? and malcolm slays me, once again <3

  3. brandi, you would love it here!

    ainsley, they are some type of seed from a tree. there were tons of them still attached to the branches. i've never seen them here before, so i will have to find out what type of tree. so cool!