Monday, November 1, 2010


what an awesome fun-filled weekend we had! get ready for photo overload.

on friday night we took malcolm trick-or-treating at the mall. since alanna is fourteen now, she didn't want to dress up for it. last year she said was her last year for t-o-t'ing, but she did go out on sunday night with a few friends from school. next year she will be in high school (yikes!!), so this really was her one last hurrah as a "kid".

my littlest burger!

danny took a few photos of us with his phone

we met up with tommy, alicia, and luc for a bit. i'm glad i caught a photo of the two of the boys together. luc was such a cute lil' vampire.

malcolm had a lot of fun going from store to store. it was a little busy, but not so bad.

(he was a boca burger to be exact... you know, because we are vegan!)

some festive cupcakes i made.
they were kind of a mess, but they sure were tasty.

on saturday evening we headed just a few minutes up the road to the mordecai historic park for a little neighborhood halloween event. i love that we live so close to downtown raleigh. we don't normally go to many community family events like this, but we all had a good time, and we plan on going again next year.

malcolm was so excited for the bounce house!

we did a few crafts

we walked the grounds, enjoyed the crisp autumn air, and sipped on some warm apple cider

and malcolm had his face painted for the very first time! he chose a skeleton, and sat totally still for her, i was so proud of him. it made me realize what a big boy he is now, he's such a sweet little dude these days.

checking himself out. he just stared and stared, haha.

he looks sad here, but he really loved the paint so much. it was getting late and chilly, and i think he was losing steam.

on the way home we drove past our favorite decorated house. we pass this house every day on the way to alanna's school, and we've enjoyed seeing all the stuff they've added each day. hundreds of decorations, and so much time involved on this one. malcolm has named it "the skeleton house", and he asks to go past it all the time. i wish the photos did it more justice. you really have to see it up close to believe it.

on sunday we met up with danny's parents for lunch. we always have a good time when we see them. vicky made a delicious giant "jack skellington" frosted cookie. yum!

then we headed to another mall that was also doing trick-or-treating, but it was a bust. waaaay too many people, and not enough stores giving out treats. the crowds were insane, so we headed toward the carousel, took a little ride, and then left.

alanna spent sunday evening at her friend hannah's house for pizza and t-o-t'ing with a few other girl friends from school. she dressed up as sally again (from the nightmare before christmas), but failed to get any photos of her and her friends. boo.

danny and i took malcolm around our neighborhood, and we had such a great time. we live in an older area, and our neighbors are a good mix of old and young, so we weren't sure who might be giving out candy. to our surprise, there were tons of houses that were, and malcolm made out like a bandit! everyone loved his costume, and since most of them didn't have many kids come to their door, they were literally giving him handfuls of candy. it was crazy! by the time we were done (about an hour and a half) his pumpkin bucket was full to the top! too bad most of it isn't vegan... wait maybe that's a good thing, so that we don't eat all of it!? he had so much fun yelling "trick-or-treat!" at each door, he did a good job of saying thank you, and when we walked away from the house, he'd say "let's go, let's go!", onto the next house.

our neighborhood was quiet and dark, and smelled like a wood burning stove. we only saw a few other people out with their kids, but everyone was nice, especially the neighbors we met at each house we went to. it makes me love this area even more. what a wonderful halloween!

p.s. can someone please come over here and take away all of these mini milk chocolate candy bars!!? thanks :)


  1. I can't believe he sat still for the face painting!! so cool. I always want to get Demetri to paint his face at Disneyland, but he always say no mom! :(
    ha ha.
    I'm glad you guys had such a fun halloween!

  2. i was surprised too! we tried to get it painted a few months ago at a family fun day, and we waited in line forever, but then when it was finally his turn, he didn't want it anymore. so i was so happy to see him sit so nicely!

  3. SO fun! and I'm so in love with that Boca Burger costume, super creative! Those cupcakes look awesome and that last picture of Malcom is my favorite. Oh, that little face!

    The Peanuts area in VA sounds awesome! Don't kick yourself for not picking up a shirt for Malcom though...I just made Henry's with black fabric paint and a cardboard stencil! And Malcom would look so cute in a Charlie Brown shirt too!!

  4. ummmmm you can always send me all the non vegan candy!!!!!!!!! Malcolm ws the cutest boca burger ever!

  5. that little boca sticker is so darn cute! i love that costume too, did you get it at old navy?