Wednesday, October 17, 2012

photos from august

i just cannot seem to get caught up on this poor neglected blog of mine. sigh. here is a bit of what we were up to in august:

malcolm loved this standee at the movie theater!

crazy evening thunderstorm clouds, as i made my way home from work

always having fun at marbles

and even more fun at pullen park

it was hot! like really, really hot. ugh.

attempting to cool off with a locally made locopop!

malcolm spotted this play kitchen on display at costco and i couldn't get him to leave. he loved it so much!

bike rides at lake johnson

his new bike (a two-wheeler!) was an awesome kids exchange find! it's in excellent condition and the price was great. malcolm loves it! we found his new helmet at target and he gets tons of compliments when we go riding.

our new recycling bin! no more multiple overflowing green bins full of day old rainwater for us. i am so exited about this, you have no idea, haha. 

every so often, i find these three hanging out together :)

danny took these next few photos with his phone: 

cuddle bugs

(side note: no, we do not have a white couch! this is the futon with the cover off while it was in the wash. i have no idea how anyone with kids/pets can own anything white?!)

lucky dog, aka hannibal lecter, at the vet. his annual checkup went very well, and the vet says he is doing great for his age. he is fourteen this year. old man dogrel. 

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