Thursday, September 20, 2012

photos from june

two days before heading to utah, we enjoyed a family fun day at the durham museum of life + science. since danny wasn't able to travel with us, we got a little quality time in before we left.

in the butterfly house, we got to see a real life Very Hungry Caterpillar! there were actually quite a few there, munching on one specific type of plant. it was really cool to see all their detail and those vivid colors! these photos were not enhanced at all, they really were that bright!  

these dogs are so spoiled

our garden began to grow!

marbles :)

i made vegan banana chocolate chip muffins, and they were delicious! that recipe book is a good one.

we visited the morehead planitarium in chapel hill at UNC, to see a show on the dome about astronauts. this was our first time there and we really enjoyed the show. 

malcolm being silly before it started.

the kids playing with a box full of mucus :)

we checked out the local used book store while we were in town. they had these three rare signed gems in a glass display case. amazing!

then cake and coffee time at weaver street market :)

i love these guys of mine!

new toms!

danny and i celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary on june 26th. lucky number seven. he gave me this beautiful bouquet.

i gave him this perfectly appropriate print, (found here). i actually stumbled upon it earlier this year while browsing etsy, and it was so fitting, i knew i had to get it. danny and i first officially met in las vegas (after meeting online), and then we were married there six months later. and i really am so happy that it all happened this way.  

my handsome boy

malcolm and i had a fro-yo date early in the day, and danny and i enjoyed a date night out together that evening. in lieu of expensive gifts, we opted to pay off a credit card. not very romantic i know, but boy did it feel good! it was actually the fourth one we have paid off this year! we are on a roll, we are gaining control of our finances and getting rid of our debt. it's nice to have more freedom with our money and not be so stressed about bills. life is pretty sweet these days :)

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  1. <3 you seriously give me hope in my future decisions girl<3