Thursday, September 27, 2012

photos from july

lucky dog does not like thunderstorms. he can sense bad weather from miles away, and he shakes with fear when it rains. we had heavy rain for the first half of the day on the fourth of july. sweets is lucky's most faithful companion, so this is how they spent the afternoon. hiding in our tiny bathroom.

after the rain had passed, i suggested that we head downtown to see the fireworks display. big mistake. the crowds and traffic were unlike anything we have ever seen in raleigh. it was insane how many cars were trying to make their way downtown. we found a parking lot with open spaces and headed to the top. the view was great for the fireworks show, but when it was over we had to wait for over an hour to leave the structure. next year we will absolutely stay home. 

we could see the fireworks explode above the raleigh convention center.

the kids were very patient while we waited for the parking tower to empty out, and kept themselves busy by drawing :)

speaking of drawing, malcolm is quite the little artist these days. he drew this portrait of spongebob and patrick star while in the tub!

wild bunnies in our yard

someone got to my tomatoes :(

family bowling night! we hadn't been bowling for at least six years, so this was malcolm's first time. we all enjoyed it a lot. the lanes we went to are older so we had to keep score on paper, but i'm pretty sure i won :) 

bumpers & a granny ramp :)

sleeping beauty

we really only had a few nice days this summer (hottest july ever on record in raleigh), so we took advantage of them. most days were too hot and humid to spend any time outside, but this particular day was mild and warm so we took our lunch to the park.

malcolm found this army guy in the dirt

then he buried him in the sand, "like on creepshow, mom", he says. haha!

malcolm fell asleep on alanna's back. so funny!

we participated in the raleigh area kids exchange again, and we found some really great stuff. we also sold a few big ticket baby items, so i consider it a success. alanna found this cute sweater there.

these dogs love to snuggle... well, sweets loves to snuggle lucky dog. i'm glad that he tolerates her.

bath time fun

silly faces 

and delicious burritos!

chef malcolm at marbles

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