Monday, September 10, 2012

adventures in utah, part two

i have had these photos uploaded for at least a month now, but i just couldn't find the motivation to finish this post. the summer heat really put me in a funk for a couple months. so, to any of you who look forward to my blogging (mom), i am sorry. here is part two of our trip to salt lake city back in june:

day four: the kids and i ventured downtown with my mother via the light rail, to check out the brand new city creek center. the mall itself was just like any other mall, not very impressing. but malcolm enjoyed the dancing fountains, while alanna and my mom did some shopping. 

the poop bag stands were pretty cute! :)

we met up with my friend kelly and her son django. these boys have only met each other a few times in their short little lives, but they always act like they've been friends forever. they have an instant connection. must be a vegan power thing, hehe ;)

beautiful main street, downtown salt lake city.

the tower at trolley square. that evening, we picked up some food stuffs at the new trolley whole foods. slc sure has changed since the last time we were in town. 

day five: (let me just quickly mention that this was the hottest, sunniest day of our trip.) just before lunch time we decided to go on a hike with my sister and her new dog jack. we picked the trailhead behind the natural history museum and red butte garden, in hopes of finding "the living room". oh boy, were we unprepared for the heat. we weren't sure which paths to take when the trail hit a fork, so we never actually ended at our planned destination. but we did make it to a beautiful peak with an amazing view of the salt lake valley. malcolm did a great job heading up and also making his way back down, since this was his very first true hike. raleigh does not have any elevation like this, so this was all new to him. he loved it!

from the trail we spotted what looked like the remains of an old pioneer house, but it was fenced off so we could not get closer or go inside. shame.

we finally reached the top! (or at least as high as we were willing to climb.)

jack was pooped.

do you see alanna down there? :)

natalie and jack cooling off, while malcolm and i had a snack.

we found this single little shoe. malcolm told me that a snake got him. haha!

it was warm, and windy, and beautiful up there.

jack, enjoying the view.

jack and alanna being silly when we got back to nat's house.

that night we all met up for a family dinner, minus my dad because he didn't feel well. this was the first time we had been able to get together with my brother, and it was really nice to see him and catch up. 

day six: on saturday we met up with my friend troy and had tibetan food for lunch. oh how i have missed house of tibet! i'm glad we met up at that particular day/time, because we just happened to run into three other friends while we were there! after lunch we headed to liberty park with troy. malcolm loved the playground, and loved getting wild with troy.

tough guys! 

that evening we went thrifting and then hit the nickelcade by my parent's house. we have always loved this place, despite how janky and ghetto it is. this was malcolm's first time and he totally had a blast!

day seven: the kids and i went out for breakfast while my parents were at church. thanks to the recommendation of a friend, we enjoyed the most delicious vegan cinnamon rolls and waffles ever. seriously, these were to die for. 

after breakfast, we headed back home to meet up with a few friends. the weather was lovely, so we spent most of the day outside. these next two photos are crazy to me, because that old cat that alanna is holding in her lap stumbled into my life when i was fifteen. the same age that alanna is now. marten has stuck around all these years. 

stacey (one of my oldest and dearest friends since grade school) and her husband john came over with their son jensen. and audra (my friend since high school) came over with her son cash and her new baby girl cameron. it was really nice to see all of them, and i love that our kids got to play while we all chatted. pretty cool how life happens and suddenly we are all grown up with kids close in age.

these boys had a great time playing together

stacey, audra and cameron, and me.

cash, john, malcolm, and jensen.

about an hour after these guys left, most of my extended family on my mother's side got together for a big ol' family cookout. somehow no one took any photos, but it was a nice time. we got to see family that we haven't seen since my wedding party. alanna got to meet cousins that she didn't even know existed. malcolm got to tag along with the older boys and he loved it. we have a large family, lots of cousins and second cousins, and i'm really glad that almost everyone was able to make it. thanks a lot mom, for being such a gracious host. 

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