Tuesday, July 3, 2012

what we did in may

alanna finished her first year of high school! 

a trip to marbles

we voted against.

we took a trip to our neighborhood park, and while we were there we found a lost dog. i used a pack of fruit snacks to trick her into coming over to me. luckily she had a collar with tag on, so twenty minutes later she was reunited with her owner. her name just happened to be lucky, which sure was appropriate, because if we had not been at the playground at that exact moment, who knows where she would have ended up. she was such a sweet dog.

malcolm's little sand drawing :)

mint chocolate cupcakes!

my mother's day card that the kids drew for me. they are the best, i love them so much.

and my gift! wow, this thing is amazing.

my first batch of cupcakes & frosting made with my new kitchenaid stand mixer!

we checked out the brand new extension of the NC museum of natural science in downtown raleigh. they have added another large building that houses a new nature research center, and it is very nice. it just opened on earth day, so it was still a bit too crowded, but will be fun to visit later on with less people there.  

this large earth is on the outside of the building

then we headed to chapel hill and found a new park and playground

the kids loved this spinning thing

R2-D2 at the comic book store

we visited the wooden park again, but we picked the hottest, most humid day of the month (oops!), so there was no one else there. i have never seen this playground empty like that before. it was so strange. we didn't stay long. 

all three animals cuddling on the couch! (mama cat is on the right, next to sweet's back)

we went to the movies to see the pirates! band of misfits, which was really funny and cute, we all liked it a lot. but the previews were equally awesome! so many cute monster movies coming out soon, malcolm (and me, ha!) could not be happier! frankenweenie, paranorman, and hotel transylvania, all within a few months of each other! yes! 

and i'll end this too long post with a photo of our night blooming magnolia tree. these flowers are beautiful.

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