Monday, April 16, 2012

pullen park egg hunt

on monday april 2nd, we stopped by pullen park after picking alanna up from school. this park is only about 3 minutes from her school, so it is a perfect place to visit on afternoons when i don't have to work. the weather was sunny and warm, we shared a locopop & a lemonade, rode the train (finally! i haven't been on it since before the park closed for renovations), and malcolm rode the little boats. then we stumbled on an easter egg hunt! it was a lovely trip to pullen.

while we were waiting in line for the boat ride, the man working the ride told us that there would be a free easter egg hunt for kids at the top of the hill. the park hosts a hunt every year, but apparently this year's event was postponed a few days because of rain. so we just happened to pick the perfect day to visit. they also had tables set up with crafts. malcolm was so excited, he had never participated in a hunt before. sine we didn't know it would be happening, we did not have a basket, and he had to stuff his finds into my purse, haha. malcolm collected a couple eggs, and lots of candy, and surprisingly most of it was vegan! we had a lot of fun.

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