Monday, April 2, 2012

photos from february

...aaaand, i'm back! did you miss me? or did you even notice that i was gone? sorry for the crickets around here, so much has been going on lately, but i am finally able to devote some time to this neglected blog of mine. one very exciting thing that happened last month... danny surprised me with my very own iMac! i have such an amazing, thoughtful husband. our older pc is probably not going to last much longer, and he figured it was best to replace it before it crashes so that i am able to safely retrieve all of my photos and documents etc., so that is what i am trying to do. i just figured out how to transfer photos from the old pc to the new mac, and once i have more moved over, i will get caught up on posts! exciting! this new mac is seriously the best thing ever, so easy to use, and has made blogging feel like a breeze. i am very thankful for it. thanks again husbandito.

here are our photos from february :)

we went to marbles in the evening for first friday. it is super cool inside at night.

in the little vet's section we found this plush cat that has a velcro opening on its stomach. you can pull all of its tiny organs out as if to operate. alanna thought it was very disturbing, haha.

i spotted this license plate in the post office parking lot. i snapped a photo because danny and i were married in vegas in '05!

my mother sent us a valentine's day care package full of lots of fun goodies! thanks again mom!

alanna picked these beautiful roses out for me, from her and the boys

we gave malcolm a cute little love story, since we love reading books together

and we gave alanna some pretty flowers :)

the kids made danny and i this card. love them so much!

for my husband <3

i finally broke in my new food processor and made danny his very favorite, a vegan cherry cheesecake. it was perfect! that cuisinart is wonderful, how have i lived this long without it?!

malcolm and i visited pullen park again

this is his, "stop taking my picture, mom" face, ha!

we took a little trip to chapel hill/carrboro and found a coffee shop that serves vegan cupcakes and makes the best soy vanilla latte ever. so good. plus they had a nice outdoor seating area with a hammock!

nice weather = trips to the park! the wooden one is still our favorite.

a beautiful sunset as seen from our back porch

after visiting the looking glass cafe and having cupcakes, i was inspired to make something fancy. i baked a batch of pistachio rosewater cupcakes with rosewater icing (from this cookbook), and they tasted like heaven. seriously, they were the most delicious cupcakes i have made so far. and definitely the fanciest. it was also my first time baking with cardamom, and wow, am i in love! i want one right now!

and here are a few photos of the dogs in the back yard. lucky and sweets are so great together. i'm so happy we decided to keep her.

a couple of grazing baby cows