Thursday, April 12, 2012

four year well-check

danny dumped a ton of photos from the past few months (taken with his phone) onto my new computer, so i am slowly making my way through them. these are from malcolm's four year well-check visit back in february. he is really healthy and thankfully never gets sick, so this was his first trip back in a year. last time we were there was for his three year well-check. i really am so grateful that our family is so healthy. and i really honestly believe that our vegan diet is to blame :)

having his blood pressure checked

vision test

he did this really good. the nurse had him describe the shapes, since he doesn't recognize all the letters yet, and he had a lot of fun holding the thing that covers one eye.

waiting patiently for the dr. to come in

malcolm now rates in the seventy-fifth percentile for height and weight! when he was a newborn he was in the fourth or fifth for weight (yikes!), so this news made me very happy. he is growing like a weed, and the doctor said he looks great and is super smart for his age. he was surprised at how much he talked, and how fluent he was. the nurse let malcolm choose a prize on our way out. he chose a whoopee cushion. oh, this boy of mine!

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