Thursday, April 5, 2012

adventures & photos from march

our friend garrett gave malcolm this little jar jar binks pen that he got from a cereal box. malcolm was so excited!

his little drawing. he took this (and the next) photo himself.

beautiful warm sunshiny days

monkey joe's!

we took a trip to duke gardens. it was beautiful, as always.

i loved the roots of this tree. they reminded me of stalagmites. very cool.

and this short little flowering bush was my favorite. not sure what it is. i should have taken a photo of the description sign.

i spotted this bench on the way out to the parking lot.

best dogs <3

we've been spending a lot of time at the park. the weather is pretty wonderful lately, so we are enjoying it now, before it gets too hot and humid out. we had an extremely mild winter, so i have a feeling that this summer is going to be a doozy. last year was the hottest ever recorded in raleigh, setting many record highs, so i can only imagine what this summer will feel like. ugh.

seems like i can never get a good photo of both kids together. these next two are a perfect example of that.

danny likes to people watch

we went to barnes & noble, and as i was browsing through the picture books, malcolm found a pirate puzzle/maze book. he sat down and silently looked through every single page, solving the mazes with his finger. he is so smart, i loved watching his little brain work.

my lil' al bundy ;)

danny took the train to charlotte and spent the day with his friend justin at a horror movie fest. he was able to see, meet, and get autographs from some of his favorite horror movie stars. this is danny with angus scrim, "the tall man" from the phantasm movies. if you cannot tell from this photograph, he was very excited to meet him. i don't think danny has ever smiled that big in any photos with me, ha. anyway, he had a great time.

one day was warm enough that malcolm got to run through the sprinkler!

we also cleaned out the shed and washed all the bikes. a couple need new tires. malcolm surprisingly still fits in his weeride, so we definitely need to get over to the greenway soon. i'm sure this will be the last year that he will fit in the little seat.

we still love going to marbles

look at that mop on his head!

here is my new baby, my iMac :)

malcolm loves playing games on, and when he realized that this new computer has a web cam, he was so excited! this game uses his motions to control the bat. he loves it!

and two more photos of the kids. i sure do love how green it is out here. springtime is pretty wonderful in nc.

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