Saturday, February 11, 2012

january leftovers

some photos from january:

alanna made honor roll for her first semester of high school. very good!

a couple of the awesome gifts we received for christmas (xVx!)

malcolm and i visited a new to us indoor play place, go bananaz. it was pretty fun! he liked the pirate ship the best.

i rode it with him, and it made me feel like this! barf.

we took a little day trip to ikea :)

malcolm is danny's little grocery shopping helper.

danny and the kids made paper-machete masks out of empty water jugs while i was at work. the boys painted theirs.

cool dude, haha

we took malcolm to get his hair cut

the finished product, so handsome!

this boy seriously loves video games.

vegan cupcakes i made!

dinner out at our favorite chinese restaurant in durham. yum!

eating breakfast and enjoying a movie (on vhs!)


sunbathing. i love that fubby lil' face!

making art at marbles

hanging around in goggles, in a hammock. because he's cool like that!

these dogs love to soak up the sun and get some vitamin d :)