Thursday, February 23, 2012

and now he is four!

here's what we did on malcolm's fourth birthday. (yes, i know it was nearly a month ago, i really am doing my best to catch up.) 

he was so excited when he woke up, and was so cute during breakfast

danny and i took him out for lunch. we very rarely eat out at lunch time, so this was a special treat. he chose neomande for falafel, one of his favorite local spots to eat. 

after lunch, we picked alanna up from school and then headed over to the mall. we took malcolm to the lego store first to select a few lego people from the mix & match bins. he loved all the little accessories, and he made some pretty cool dudes. then we visited build-a-bear workshop, where he got to make his very first stuffed friend! alanna loved going there when she was little, so taking malcolm brought back a lot of fun memories of her at that age (and a bit older too). he loved it, and had so much fun!

rubbing the little heart between his hands...

giving it his love...

jumping for joy :)

and then putting it inside his new pup!

the guy who helped us was very nice

he let malcolm help fill the machine with more cotton fluff

bath time for puppy

alanna helped him register his pup and make the birth certificate

malcolm named him foogal (?!)

one happy lil' dude right here!

all that excitement tired malcolm right out, so danny was lucky enough to get a little sleepy snuggle time. this almost never happens around here these days. i think we both miss it.

that evening danny's family came over, we had a "pizza party", malcolm opened gifts, and then we all ate cake. it was a nice way to end a nice day.

his amazing vegan cake, made by blue moon, our favorite local bakery

seriously, this thing nearly killed me. it took us all week to finish it off. i want more right now!

he got some really great gifts, and really enjoyed opening them. pop took these next few photos with his fancy camera.

dan & vicky picked out the exact same birthday card that i did, haha! we both know just what he loves!

pretty alanna :)

he wished he was a super hero. i love this boy.

cake coma, here we come!

i will end this post with malcolm's awesome new robot... sweets' arch nemesis, ha! 


  1. I love it! Alanna looks so grown and so beautiful. The picture of Malcolm jumping for joy made me tear up, how freaking cute! My kids love build a bear as well, Gracie is pretty obsessed. She LOVES stuffed animals, and sleeps with a minimum of 5 each night. Looks like you guys had an amazing day! I love your little family! <3

  2. oh awesome HAPPY BIRTHDAY MALCOM! my fav pic is the one of him jumping up and down at the build a bear....hhahahaha so cute!