Wednesday, February 8, 2012

boys-only camping trip

a few days before malcolm's fourth birthday, danny took him on an overnight camp-out to pop's cabin. this was malcolm's first ever trip to pop's property, and the three of them had a great time. they went hiking around the woods, ate tons of junk food, made vegan smores, and even shot some guns (yikes!) dan and vicky got malcolm a nice set of walkie-talkies, which came in handy when they got lost out there in all those trees ;)  

dan took these photos.

this is totally my new favorite photo of danny and malcolm together. i love it so much.

apparently this stick was for "whacking coyotes!", haha!

the cutest.

hanging out inside, after the sun had set.

ready for bed.

and a little more exploring before it was time to go home.

the minute they left, malcolm wanted to go back. he was so excited, and told me all about how he could not wait for the next trip to pop's cabin! he had so much fun. i'm glad that the three of them were able to spend some quality "guy time" together. alanna and i also had a nice evening out, we did a little shopping (browsing, really) where alanna found a fifty dollar bill on the ground (what!?)! then dinner and cupcakes at whole foods, and we ended the night with a trip to the theater to see the new sherlock holmes movie. very nice indeed!

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