Sunday, January 29, 2012

december leftovers

marbles recently added some new items to their play area that encourage kids to be healthy and active. malcolm loves the new features.

eat healthy :)

play sports

get moving!

the giant marbles christmas tree

we went to a parade in the small town where danny's parents live. it was hilarious. this is the only photo i took, but boy was it a doozy!

how danny washes malcolm's hair

the only wreath i made during the month of december. it was delicious!

festive cupcakes from whole foods

the kids had their pics taken in a photobooth, after visiting santa at the mall

this is TJ. our local trader joe's store hides TJ in a new place every day, and if you can find him, you get to choose a prize from the treasure chest. this idea is genius. malcolm loves looking for the squirrel while we are shopping. 

playing computer games in the buff

gifts coming in... going out :)

i took this the first day we had sweets in our house. she looks huge in this photo, but only because she was sitting closer to me. she is a beautiful dog. and lucky is so handsome.

malcolm was doing crazy kung-fu kicks and jumps, and alanna was taking photos of him 

the best gift under our tree

this year we gave malcolm a playmobil pirates advent calendar, to count down the days until christmas. he loved opening up the little boxes each morning, to see what tiny surprise was tucked inside. this photo is from christmas eve, so all of the boxes had been opened.

santa brought each of the kids a gift box from lush. (i told you they were spoiled!) lush bath bombs are the best!

december was a pretty great month. 2011 wasn't too bad either. 

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