Wednesday, January 18, 2012

christmas eve, eve

(this is me playing catch-up.) wow, i can't believe it has already been nearly a month since christmas! sheesh, life needs to slow down. i worked 24 of the 31 days in december, so with work, the kids, mail order, christmas decorating/shopping/shipping, and housework, etc., blogging was last on my list. i will get back on track soon... i hope :)
december in raleigh was unseasonably warm this year. we always hope for a white christmas, but since it very rarely even snows here, we didn't mind having mild temps instead of freezing cold ones. plus the nice weather was very kind on our wallets (low heat bills!) dec 23rd was in the upper 60's, so the kids and i headed on over to the newly-renovated pullen park! this was our first visit since it reopened in november, after being closed for two years, and i definitely think it was worth the wait. the grounds look beautiful, the new playground is a major improvement, and the new facilities are wonderful. because of the holidays, the train and carousel house were closed, but we had fun checking out the new playground and taking a walk along the pond before it got dark out. 

alanna found a half drawn person on the concrete, so she added a face. and a wand.


i took these next three photos for danny, because he loves the andy griffith show :)

that is the new carousel house on the right. 

we crossed the bridge over the little train tracks and strolled through the woods. 

alanna and malcolm found a fort made of fallen tree branches.

i'm excited to return and take a ride on the train. pullen park, we are glad to have you back!

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